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eternal step
step wood

Eternal Step Wood est un dessin tendance qui vous permettra de créer des ambiances chaleureuses. L’utilisation des cristaux Step procure une apparence chaleureuse et de propreté tout en conservant ses propriétés antidérapantes et d’entretien facile.

11 couleurs et dessins de bois naturels.

Articles en stock: 18382 chestnut, 18792 dark oak, 18952 dark grey oak, and 18972 rustic oak. Le délai d’approvisionnement des articles hors stock est de 6 à 8 semaines.


Eternal Step Wood

    Why choose Step?

    Why choose Step?

    • Step is safety vinyl flooring with guaranteed life time slip resistant performance
      (R10, R11 & R12).

    • The PUR Pearl surface provides superior, long-lasting appearance and

    • Low gloss surface for low scuff and a natural look

    • Wide design variety

    • Transparent or coloured durable wear layer for a long-lasting appearance

    • Unique and attractive solutions for wetroom applications, providing the best
      ‘bare foot’, as well as ‘bare foot / footwear’ non slip solutions.

    • New and unique are the slip resistant “Step Crystals”, that provide security and
      contribute to a clean and fresh design, with proven easier cleaning.

    • Step is optimized for its environmental performance by using recycled content
      and recycled components in its product build-up.

    • Optional with or without felt backing for better adhesion properties.

    About slip resistance

    Slip resistance explained

    A sustainable, lifetime performance as a result of particles throughout the matrix of the floor covering is the requirement to comply with EN 13845. This standard specifies the requirements that must be met to ensure durable slip resistance in varying degrees of usage intensity. All Step safety floors comply with EN13845. Download the explanation page

    Floors are often evaluated on slip resistance performance by using the R-scale, which is linked to the Din 51130 standard. Measuring slip resistance on a ramp covered with oil at different angles and thereby resulting in different classes of slip. Step safety flooring is covering the most relevant classes of R10 to R12, in a comprehensive range of products that are use in conditions where footwear is the standard.

    For products used in barefoot areas, DIN51097 applies. The testing method is similar to that of the DIN 51130, but this time the product is flooded with ‘soap and water’ solutions, a testing method that is more relevant to the barefoot applications. The Step range also offers unique solutions up to the highest class in barefoot safety performance. By choosing the right Step floor for the right application one can prevent the potential for accidents caused
    by slipping significantly.

    Slip resistance explained

    What to use where

    What to use where

    The Step safety flooring collection provides a complete range of safety floors that are designed to meet safety requirements in various applications. All floor coverings in the Step collection meet and exceed strict Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and European standard requirements. Download the usage advise to see which range is best applicable in which area.
    Step usage advise

    Surestep: general and spillage areas with increased slip risk
    Safestep R11: areas with increased slip risk due to accidental or continuous contamination
    Safestep R12: light industrial usage
    Surestep Laguna: wetroom areas, predominantly barefoot use, but also accessed by footwear
    Safestep Aqua: spa’s, showers and swimming pool areas

    Step safety flooring


    Step Safety Vinyl brochure