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Marmoleum Marbled

Le revêtement de sol Marmoleum marbled de Forbo est présenté dans une vaste gamme de couleurs, combinant des motifs marbrés des plus subtils aux plus traditionnels. La collection marbled est composée de 5 designs à l’intensité et aux contrastes variés : des plus forts pour un aspect marbre véritable aux plus légers évoquant des fresques murales, ou encore des couleurs vives. Découvrez Marmoleum Real, Marmoleum Fresco, Marmoleum Splash, Marmoleum Terra et Marmoleum Vivace.

  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • Marmoleum Marbled
  • 3032 Marmoleum Real
    Marmoleum Real

    Marmoleum Real

    Marmoleum Real est notre mélange classique de couleurs joliment nuancées. Des neutres chauds et des gris calmes aux couleurs vives et nuancées.

  • 3860 Marmoleum Fresco
    Marmoleum Fresco

    Marmoleum Fresco

    Frais, délicat, équilibré. Les revêtements de sol Marmoleum Fresco ont une forte palette de motifs de sol ton sur ton mélangés subtils, chacun créant une esthétique fraîche, délicate et équilibrée.

  • 3420 Marmoleum Vivace
    Marmoleum Vivace

    Marmoleum Vivace

    Mélange de couleurs prononcé avec une excellente conservation de l'aspect. Marmoleum Vivace est notre mélange le plus vivant et le plus franc, composé de 6 à 8 couleurs, créant un revêtement de sol semblable à un caméléon qui s'adapte bien à une multitude d'intérieurs.

  • 3428 Marmoleum Splash
    Marmoleum Splash

    Marmoleum Splash

    Le sol idéal pour faire une déclaration subtile. Marmoleum Splash est une nouvelle conception du portefeuille Marmoleum de Forbo. De loin, Splash apparaît en gris clair avec une légère nuance dans le ton, mais de près, Splash est un gris clair global avec des notes de couleurs surprenantes qui transparaissent.

  • 5802 Marmoleum Terra
    Marmoleum Terra

    Marmoleum Terra

    Un mélange authentique de couleurs terreuses. Notre dernier mélange est le Marmoleum Terra, une structure étroite, étroite et très contrastée inspirée des roches ignées. Terra combine une structure marbrée sophistiquée à petite échelle avec de grandes propriétés de dissimulation du sol. Le mélange authentique de couleurs crée un design de sol polyvalent qui se combine bien avec les autres articles Marmoleum.

  • Marmoleum Vivace 3405 Granada
    Marmoleum Marbled

    Marmoleum Marbled

    Dans cet aperçu, vous pouvez trouver la collection complète Marmoleum Marbled, y compris toutes les sous-gammes Real, Fresco, Vivace, Splash et Terra.

    Toutes les couleurs marbrées Marmoleum peuvent être fabriquées dans une construction Marmoleum Decibel de 3,5 mm (atténuation acoustique de 18 dB), moyennant un minimum de commande et un délai de livraison. Les articles en décibels marqués d'un "*" sont disponibles en stock. Contactez votre organisation commerciale locale pour plus d'informations.


Marmoleum Marbled technical table image

Installation & floorcare

Marmoleum floorcare

About Marmoleum Marbled

Defining natural spaces

Our new Marmoleum Marbled flooring presents the classic marbled pattern in 5 intriguing organic structures; Real, Fresco, Vivace, Splash & Terra. This sustainable linoleum floor covering offers the largest resilient flooring color bank. The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone.

Why choose Marmoleum Marbled flooring?

● Marmoleum is manufactured from natural raw materials
● Low in emission, free from plasticizers and synthetic additives
● The Marmoleum product range is a CO2 neutral floor covering solution (from cradle to gate).
● Made to contribute to a healthy indoor environment

● Largest resilient flooring color bank. See the complete color overview.
● The soft, natural feel of Marbled coordinates well with woods and stones
● Its blend of colors provides versatility when combining with other surfaces
● The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone
● Intriguing organic structures

● Versatile in its application, durable in use
● Easy to install with net fit seam technology
● Easy to clean and good appearance retention
● Reliable, based on proven performance of millions of m2 installed worldwide

Application areas
Because of its special characteristics Marmoleum Marbled flooring is an excellent flooring choice for almost all application areas, like healthcare flooring, school floors, hospitality flooring, retail floors and so on.

Acoustic linoleum
Marmoleum Marbled is offered as acoustic flooring Marmoleum Decibel, offering 18db and 14dB sound reduction.

Marmoleum Fire retardant
For those areas where extended fire retardancy protection is required, Forbo has developed 2.5 mm Marmoleum FR. This new variant has an improved reaction to fire classification: Bfl-s1, G, CS according to EN 13501-1.

Marmoleum FR is also classified as a D-s2, d0 wallcovering in accordance with EN 15102. Marmoleum FR is available on request and minimum order quantities and lead times apply. Please contact your local sales organization for more information.

Marmoleum Splash 3428


Marmoleum: magnificent by nature

97% natural raw materials
72% rapidly renewable
43% recycled content

Created from natural, renewable materials, Marmoleum flooring is the most sustainable resilient flooring available. It contains no phthalates, no plasticisers and no mineral oil.

The key raw materials used in the Marmoleum production include:

● linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds
● wood flour from controlled forests and
● jute, the natural backing onto which the linoleum is calandered.

Marmoleum flooring has received many worldwide quality marks and certifications for being environmental friendly. We are proud that environmental experts confirm our statement. Read more about our Eco labels .

CO2 neutral product range
Because of its unique properties, its natural ingredients and its modern manufacturing process, Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral product range, measured from cradle to gate. Find out more about the sustainable character of Marmoleum on our CO2 neutral section.

Topshield2 is Forbo Flooring's high performance UV-finish which is applied to all Marmoleum floor coverings. Topshield2 prevents staining, scuffing and scratching for lasting appearance retention and provides for easy cleaning and maintenance at lower intervals.

Marmoleum magnificent by nature



Download here Marmoleum Marbled NCS & LRV document

In architecture, Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of the percentage of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source. The LRV can be linked to a number of decisions on which a colour can be chosen. The approximate LRV of a colour indicates the amount of visible light that a colour will reflect. Black has a light reflectance value of 0% and absorbs all light. White has a light reflectance value of 100% and keeps a building light and cool. It also links to the use of electricity where lighter colours need less lighting, which is a direct saving for the environment. All Forbo products carry a light reflection value, which can be found in the text next to the enlargement of the tabletop.

NCS colour coding describes the colour of any material. With numeric colour codes, so called NCS Notations, such as NCS S 1080-Y70R, any colour can be described precisely. NCS has defined 1950 standardised colours at every 10th step of the colour space to represent the entire colour space. Each notation's colour sample is visually identical to any other colour sample of the same notation, whether it is a standardised colour or a colour in between the 1950 standard colours. This way you can find matching flooring colours with other coloured items in a room.

The 'Natural Colour System' NCS has been developped in order to indentify the colour value, its intensity and hue for a product. By using the NCS maesurement system, colours and colour groups can be identified and matched regardless of the material that has been used. In this way colour coordinates for different aspects of the interior of a building can be determined. All Forbo Flooring products carry an NCS code, which can be found next to the enlargement of the tabletop and in our downloadcenter.

Marmoleum Solid NCS & LRV


Marmoleum Marbled image gallery

The blend of colors in the Marmoleum Marbled designs provide versatile floor designs - on their own or in combination with other surfaces. Click on the images below and get inspired by the design possibilities that Marmoleum Marbled offers.


Marmoleum Marbled videos

Watch our Marmoleum Marbled videos where we explain about the designs, how it's made, the beauty of a CO2 neutral floor covering and our exciting new structures Splash & Terra.