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tuftiguard bamboo

The sustainable primary barrier matting solution.

• Tuftiguard Bamboo is double sided and provides the same leading performance attributes as Tuftiguard, yet with much more sustainable credentials

• Tuftiguard Bamboo uses moso high density bamboo which is the fastest growing plant in the world and also outperforms the very best hardwood species, making it the best natural solution in heavy traffic situations

• The Moso bamboo used is sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations and is FSC® certified

Below you will find our best selling Tuftiguard Bamboo combinations.

View the full Bamboo range in our Nuway brochure.


Nuway Tuftiguard Bamboo

    About Tuftiguard

    What makes Tuftiguard products so unique?

    Having been a market leader in the primary barrier matting solutions market for over 40 years, Nuway Tuftiguard is a product synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction.

    With up to a 15 year guarantee when installed by a FESSI contractor, Nuway Tuftiguard products are made to last.

    But what is it that makes Nuway Tuftiguard products so unique and so effective?

    High tensile steel linkages
    Nuway Tuftiguard products are constructed using high tensile steel linkages which provide them with outstanding construction integrity.
    When we talk about a product being ‘made to last’, these steel linkages are at the core of what allows Tuftiguard mats to remain effective, even after 15 years of heavy use.

    Handmade in the UK
    All Nuway Tuftiguard products are handmade at our UK factory in Telford, using the highest standard of materials. This means that quality is assured with any Nuway Tuftiguard product. UK Manufacturing also allows for Nuway Tuftiguard orders of 20m or less to be delivered within 5 or 7 working days, depending on product.

    Double sided
    All Nuway Tuftiguard mats are double sided, which means that throughout their lifecycle and as part of a regular cleaning regime, they can be removed from their matwell and turned over. By essentially getting two mats for the price of one, it’s easy to see how when cleaned correctly, Nuway Tuftiguard mats can still look as good as new after 10-15 years of use.

    Heavy Duty option
    The Nuway Tuftiguard Heavy Duty Internal/External range’s patented design delivers load bearing capacity up to 900kg/cm2 together with a level surface that makes it ideal for heavy wheeled traffic.

    Tuftiguard Construction

    View the full range (brochure)

    Nuway brochure

    View the full Nuway range in our online brochure:


    Tuftiguard Bamboo images

    Below you can find examples of Nuway Tuftiguard Bamboo when installed.


    Installation & floorcare