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ESD & Cleanroom Flooring

Installation Products

Subfloor levelling

Forbo QuickFit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhering MDF panels and damp-proof sound insulating Forbo foam. Forbo Quickfit offers: A rapid, smooth finish. Quick and easy installation. No visible subfloor seams. Excellent moisture barrier. Easily removable. Improved impact sound insulation in combination with Forbo Foam (Δ Lw= 23 dB according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-8 and 717-2).

SAP nr:60696
Spreading capacity:3.6 m² per pack, 36 m² per pallet


Forbo Foam

Polypropylene foam laminated with metallised polypropylene foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm for secure seams.

SAP nr:64799
Package:Roll of 25 linear metres PE foam, 100 cm wide, 4.5 mm thick.


Welding Rods

Colorex welding rods

Colorex tiles and all the accessories on this page can be welded with Colorex welding rod, which is available in colours to match the main Colorex tile.

In standard 4 mm diameter and 100 m coils


Finishing Solutions

Finishing solutions for ESD and cleanroom floors

In highly sensitive health care areas, and any other location that has strict hygiene requirements, it’s vital that floor-to-wall transitions are water-tight, perfectly hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Our integrated coving system creates a perfect seal for these critical areas using the same Colorex material. The system is available in every colour in our collection and consists of the following parts:


Cove skirting strip

The cove skirting, which is available in rolls, is cut and welded from the original Colorex tiles assuring quality from wall to wall. The cove skirting can be formed up the wall by the use of a cove fromer and underlying profile which ensures a smooth transition between wall and floor and avoids right angle joints which may trap dirt.

Length:12,2 m.
Height:15 cm

5 cm on the floor plus 10 cm up the wall


Re-formed internal and external corner pieces

The corners are moulded from original Colorex material and reinforced to assure the best possible result and making sure the most critical parts are manufactured in a controlled environment. Welding is not required. Including resin reinforcement on the back.


Cove forming profile

Radius:20 mm


Colorex welding rods

Colorex tiles and all the accessories on this page can be welded with Colorex welding rod, which is available in colours to match the main Colorex tile.

In standard 4 mm diameter and 100 m coils

Diameter:4 mm
Coil:100 m


Special Colorex Plus accessoires:

Colorex ramp

In applications where Colorex Plus has been installed as a stand alone working island or does not finish at a wall, acces ramps are available in grey or colour matched to the main Colorex tile (Signal colours on request).


Skirting for Colorex Plus

There are two types of skirtings available for the various versions of Colorex Plus, each is designed to address a different solution. In hygiene critical areas, the proposed solution is similar to that used with 2 mm Colorex tiles with tailor made coved skirting which should be fitted by a skielled and trained installler. If Colorex Plus has been fitted over a damp floor, we can provide a ventilated skirting that allows the humidity to escape into the room.

Radius: 20 mm



Forbo FloorCare method Project Vinyl

Forbo Flooring is aware that the majority of the costs incurred during the lifetime of a durable floor is coming from its care and maintenance. This is why our Colorex flooring products have always been developed with a special attention to easy and environment friendly cleaning methods and consistent appearance retention properties. This will allow you to renounce completely on labour and cost intensive maintenance coatings, floor finishes and alike.

Important notice for ESD protected areas (conductive floors)

The use of protective or maintenance coatings such as waxes and polymer dispersions may have a negative effect on conductivity. Only products designed specifically for conductive floors should be used.


Floorcare Products

816 Cleaner 10 l

Cleaner is a pH neutral detergent, which leaves no residue and settles practically all common stains and soiling. Clean with Cleaner or Monel and mop: pick up dirty water with wiper and mop or water vac, rinse with clean water and mop, allow floor to dry.

Article reference: 816
SAP nr: 29650/29652
Package: 10 l


818 Monel 10 l

Monel, based on natural components, offers a practical protection film and perfect cleaning properties in one product. Monel method: apply Monel film using Monel solution and mop, allow floor to dry.

Article reference: 818
SAP nr: 29643/29641
Package: 10 l


816 Forbo Cleaner 12*1 l

Article reference: 816
SAP nr: 75982
Package: 12*1 l


814 Forbo Polish 12*1 l

Article reference: 814
SAP nr: 75985
Package: 12*1 l