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General circulation areas

Flooring can play a crucial role in guiding your customers and making the most of prominent display areas.

Forbo’s has a diverse portfolio and is able to create a natural, eye catching, flowing walkway that is sure to make an impact on your customers.

Project vinyl

Eternal, general purpose vinyl

It’s easy to see how Forbo Eternal, our general purpose vinyl flooring collection, has it all. Discover the superb combination of state of the art designs in a strong, durable, fit-for purpose-range whatever your application.

This balanced collection is sure to complement your interior design with its modern colour palette and range of wood, stone and abstract designs.
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With a wide variety of colour options, exceptional resistance to scuffs and scratches, and the possibility to repair damaged surfaces, it’s no wonder that Marmoleum is our sustainable flooring solution.
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Marmoleum Modular
Allura luxury vinyl tiles


With the most realistic natural and abstract designs, it’s no wonder how the Forbo's Allura collection of luxury vinyl tiles is so eye catching. Created with state of the art production techniques Allura offers exceptional performance and sustainability credentials.
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With over 70 million fibres per m², its easy to see how Flotex can provide slip resistance in wet and dry conditions, similar to how gecko can climb without slipping due to having thousands of tiny hairs on their feet. These fibres also absorb sound, which makes Flotex a quiet yet comfortable floor.

The fibres in Flotex create a strong durable surface that is resistant to wear, and comfortable under foot. The flexibility in the fibres combined with the density, design and strength means they return to their original shape.
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Flotex linear