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by galeote

The collaboration of José Medina Galeote and the design teams of Forbo Flooring Systems gave birth to an unique collection of flooring in which the artists’ creations are given a new dimension through the medium of flooring. By bringing his works of art right under our feet, José Medina Galeote explores new perspectives on various textures. Forbo's high definition printing techniques can bring the creations of José Medina Galeote to life on any floor.

All 24 items are available on request as compact Eternal (E), Sarlon 15 dB (T15), Sarlon 19 dB (T19) and Modul’up 19 dB (UP19).


Vinyl by Galeote


    Created by José Medina Galeote

    If you would like to read more about Forbo's unique floor covering designs created by José Medina Galeote, you can find the brochure here:

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    With over 20 years of experience in high definition digital printing, Forbo Flooring Systems can offer a range of high quality floor coverings, tailored to your needs. We offer different José Medina Galeote designs in Flotex and different vinyl flooring solutions. Choose the floor that is most suitable for your project!

    Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that has been created to work across a wide variety of application areas. For every moment of the day Eternal offers the ideal solution: at work, school and in the gym.

    Sarlon 15dB is a unique flooring solution that combines good acoustic properties with performance characteristics that are normally expected from a compact floor covering. Particularly for demanding circumstances with heavy loads and intense traffic.

    Sarlon 19 dB is the perfect flooring solution for sound reduction. It offers the best possible acoustic properties along with a residual indentation that is best in class for acoustic flooring solutions.
    The XtremPUR™ lacquer makes Sarlon floors easy to maintain and at the same time offers long-lasting high-quality protection.

    Modul’up is the best loose lay floor covering available for high traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives and is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.
    Modul'up floors offer an acoustic noise reduction of 19 dB and, with XtremPUR™ protection, the best possible quality and durability.

    Created by JM Galeote_Angles

    Created by Galeote

    Work of art right under your feet

    José Medina Galeote is an artist who uses painting and other techniques to reflect on the creative process. In his work he first establishes themes
    sometimes stimulating, sometimes provoking, in which the roles of artist and spectator are interchangeable.

    In his deep reflection on art in general and on painting in particular, José Medina Galeote undertakes an optical experimentation building a particular aesthetic which distinguishes it, both stylistically and in terms of the ideas it carries. Within his work there are clear references to the minimal and conceptual art of the sixties as he raises the question of the very concept of representation reality.

    José Medina Galeote creations are now given a new dimension through the medium of flooring.

    Created by JM Galeote


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    Created by JM Galeote



    Here you can find some photos of different Vinyl created by José Medina Galeote designs.

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