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modul'up te

Modul'up T.E. offers 2 solutions in 1 floor covering; the benefits of adhesive vinyl, and the possibility for installation on a subfloor with up to 97% RH.

Benefits of adhesive free installation:
● Modul'up is quick to install and quick to remove
● No glue needed which means immediate use of the premises after installation and no odours
● Perfect solution for high traffic areas where indentation performance is key
● Can be installed on existing compact floor covering
● Easy to recycle

Installation on subfloor with high humidity level:
● Up to 97% RH
● Easier and quicker than existing solutions for damp problems

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Modul'up TE

    Technical & Environmental

    Technical Specifications

    Here you can immediately download the following Modul'up documents:

    Forbo Modul'up technical specifications

    Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Modul'up adhesive free acoustic vinyl, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link: Download centre

    Forbo download icon

    Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

    Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

    As part of our Fast Flooring portfolio of adhesive free solutions, Modul'up T.E. is suitable for direct installation over the following existing subfloors:

    Underfloor heating
    Ceramic/porcelain tiles
    Painted Concrete
    Finished Stone
    Existing Linoleum/vinyl
    Fresh concrete up to 97% RH

    For further guidance please read our Fast Flooring Brochure

    You can download the following documents below:

    Modul'up T.E. Installation Guidance
    Modul'up Cleaning and Maintenance Guidance May 2018

    Watch the Modul'up installation video

    Image of Modul'up T.E. installed over a variety of subfloors

    LRVs & Dementia


    Case studies