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Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex sheet

Flotex sheet floor covering is the perfect textile flooring solution for almost every commercial and public area. We offer multiple Flotex brands that are available in sheet format, so there is always a design that fits your needs.
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  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex Colour
    Flotex Colour sheet

    Flotex Colour sheet

    Flotex Colour is a comprehensive flocked flooring range of textile designs that are presented in four subtle allover designs: Metro, Calgary, Canyon & Penang. All products are available in sheet and tile format and some colours are also available in planks. Here you can find all Flotex Colour sheet products.

  • Flotex_Linear_Cirrus_242004_270004_artline_Broadloom
    Flotex Linear sheet

    Flotex Linear

    Flotex Linear flocked flooring offers a stylish display of 5 individual linear designs that can be used in various installation types. The Flotex linear collection is colour coordinated between the ranges and can be combined to create exciting floor designs.

  • Flotex Naturals - 010035 - Distressed Oak
    Flotex Naturals sheet

    Flotex Naturals

    Flotex Naturals sheets

  • Flotex borders
    Flotex Borders

    Flotex Borders

    The Flotex borders help you to be creative when designing your floorspace by offering the ability to frame an area, separate spaces or provide an edge to your floor which a solid insert. Flotex borders are uni-coloured strips only available in 11 or 22 cm widths, which can be used in combination with Flotex sheet flocked floorings.

About Flotex Sheet

Flotex sheet

Flotex sheet is easy and quick to install and therefore a perfect solution for large commercial or public areas. Flotex sheet is available in rolls of 2x30 metre.

Flotex is our textile flocked flooring brand, which is known for its high quality and unique construction. Because of this unique construction, Flotex is the most hygienic textile floor covering in the world. It is applicable in many different environments and for each environment, it has multiple advantages.
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Washable and fast drying
Flotex floorings are waterproof and washable with many different cleaning products. Even mechanical wet cleaning is possible on this flooring solution. Because Flotex captures allergens and fine dust from the air, it's important to clean the floor in a good and easy way. The good thing is that the fibres of Flotex effortlessly release dust and allergens during cleaning, both dry and wet cleaning. Flotex floorings will be dry in a very short amount of time when you choose wet cleaning.

Because of the unique construction, Flotex is the most hygienic textile floor covering in the world. Compared to carpets, Flotex uses fibres which are standing straight ahead while carpet has a far more complex structure. Both floorings capture allergens and fine dust from the air, but vacuuming a Flotex flooring removes double the allergens compared to conventional carpet floors. This is one of the reasons why Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring is the only textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approvalâ„¢.

Sound reduction
In some environments, it's essential to have spaces with low sound levels. Schools and offices are typical examples where noise is not appreciated. The fibres within Flotex floorings offer the experience of quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet.

Discover the durability and toughness of Flotex, which comes as a result of the 80 million nylon 6.6. fibres per square metre, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet. This is a result of the impervious cushioned backing and high pile density.

Flotex Colour (2019) - 246027

Technical & Environmental

Technical & Environmental

You can also immediately download the following Flotex documents here:

Forbo Flotex Sheet, Tiles, Plank, AcousticPlus and Borders Specification
Forbo Flotex Naturals and Vision and Sottsass Specification
Flotex Vision Pattern Repeats
Flotex Sheet GreenTag Level A Certificate

Document download centre

Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Flotex flocked flooring, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found on the following link document download centre

Technical specification Flotex

Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision Digital Library

Flotex Vision digital library

With over 500 designs to choose from, including the option to create your own colourway or a completely bespoke design, Flotex Vision is offered to you in a flexible and always up-to-date Digital Library. Watch this video for help navigating the digital library.

The Flotex flocked flooring Digital Library offers you the opportunity to see the many possibilities that Flotex digitally printed floor coverings offer. You can see all designs installed in various applications like hospitals, schools, retail facilities and offices.

6 Design Themes
To give you some guidance and offer you a logic design path we have created 6 initial categories to the library, each of them representing a different design style. In addition to the standard items in the library, we also offer the option to create your own bespoke colourways on some designs, which can be done via the digital library.

Bespoke Design
It is also possible to create your own unique design from 60m2. This is not part of the online library but can be discussed with your local Forbo sales representative. You can also email us:

Flotex VIsion Showtime Wonderlab 220002 flamingo


UK 2019/20 Portfolio


Flotex cleaning & maintenance

The unique construction of Flotex flocked flooring is what allows to release soiling like no other textile flooring. Unlike the looped and twisted fibers of a conventional carpet tile, the smooth straight fibres of Flotex do not trap particles of soil, allowing them to be removed without difficulty during cleaning. Most spills can be cleaned with plain water.

Download here the Flotex Cleaning & Maintenance guide

Flotex stain removal video

Flotex spot cleaning with water

Creating Better Environments

Flotex - Greater than its parts

Our unique hybrid flooring combines the benefits of textile and resilient flooring to give you the comfort of a high tech carpet tile and the durability of a resilient floor.

We are always looking for ways in which to improve our production processes and product constructions to make them more sustainable. Not only does our Flotex sheet contains 20% recycled content, (by weight), Flotex is 100% waterproof, which means you just need water and standard cleaning materials for an effective clean using minimal hazardous chemicals, which would have a detrimental effect on the environment.

For more information about how we Create Better Environments Click here

Flotex Colour - 290005, 232031