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Flotex Flooring - FAQ's

Flotex is a unique carpet by Forbo Flooring Systems, Flotex flooring brings together the appeal of a carpet with the hygienic practical advantages of a resilient floor covering.

It is known for its unique construction, which is really hygienic, easy to clean and highly durable.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about Flotex flooring

What is Flotex flooring?

Flotex is a unique carpet.

Flotex flooring is a textile floor covering that performs like a resilient. It combines the warmth, acoustic and underfoot comfort benefits of a carpet with the cleanability & durability of a resilient flooring.

Flotex is an allergy approved textile floor that captures allergens and fine dust from the air which are easily released when vacuumed, it removes almost DOUBLE the allergens compared to conventional carpet. Its waterproof backing makes flotex carpet suitable for wet cleaning and is fast drying making it a dream to clean with or without chemicals.

Flotex is a safe and hygienic achieving anR12 – P5 slip rating when dry and when wet!, also achieving an ≤ 22 dB impact on sound reduction to making spaces into a quieter place.

If you are not familiar with Flotex yet, we could understand it looks like a normal carpet floor covering. However, the structure of these textile floor coverings is completely different.

Learn more about Flotex flooring

Watch Flotex carpet in action!

How is Flotex flooring made?

Forbo proudly manufactures Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex flooring are made from polyamide 6.6 and are smooth, straight and cylindrical which makes the flooring easy to clean and helps to maintain its appearance.

The polyamide is delivered wet, in boxes, as natural white, undyed continuous filaments, known as tow. The tow is then cut into 2mm pieces, and the individual fibres or “flock”. With every cut of the blade, 4 million individual 2mm fibres are produced.

The flock is then dyed to create the desired base shade, and made electrically conductive by passing them through a series of tanks containing a solution with conductive properties. Once treated, the flock is then ready to go through the electrostatic flocking process.

Watch the video to find out how Flotex is made

Where is Flotex made?

Flotex flooring is manufactured in Ripley, UK

In our factory in Ripley, United Kingdom we manufacture Flotex carpet flooring.

We're proud to say that our Flotex manufacturing facility is:
● Certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standard
● Certified to ISO 9001 quality management system standard
● 100% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources
● Certified to SA8000® standard which is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

Ripley, United Kingdom where Flotex flooring is made

Where to buy Flotex carpet?

We have numerous Flotex carpet suppliers across Australia!

Forbo Flooring Systems is a European flooring manufacturer that supplies to numerous of flooring retailers across Australia & New Zealand.

To find your local Flotex carpet stockist, please fill in our Distributor locator form and we'll get in touch.

Did you know Forbo Flooring Systems Australia have supplied Australian commercial projects and homes with flooring and building products since 1961!
2021 marks 60 years of Forbo in Australia!

Flotex planks ombré - carpet floor for offices

What is Flotex made from?

Flotex flooring is prominently made from densely flocked surface of nylon 6.6 fibres

Flotex product construction:

● 70-80 million polyamide 6.6 fibres per m² – 6.6 is the best option as it has superior soil hiding capabilities in comparison to other yarns.

● Waterproof PVC adhesive - bonds the flock to the backing, whilst providing an impermeable layer to resist moisture.

● Glass Fibre reinforcement - double strength fibre glass reinforcement provides greater dimensional stability and non-shrink/curl characteristics.

● Additional PVC foam layer - provides comfort and acoustic performance.

● Glass fibre net – enhances tensile strength and tear resistance. It also adds lay flat properties to the finished sheet product.

● Total Impervious backing for wet cleaning – closed cell PVC construction.

For further information, download our Flotex EPD which is a third-party environmental product declarations (EPD’s) are the benchmark for global transparency. When selecting local and imported flooring products always consider the raw material origins and processing as often they can be one and the same.

Forbo Flotex Tile/Plank EPD
Forbo Flotex Sheet EPD

Flotex Construction

How to lay Flotex carpet tiles?

Fitting Flotex tiles

Flotex carpet tiles should always be installed according to AS 1884:2012 “Floor coverings - Resilient sheet and tiles - Installation practices”.

For details download our installing guide below or watch our video how to install Flotex carpet tiles
Forbo Flotex tiles and planks installation guide

How to lay Flotex sheet?

Fitting Flotex carpet sheet

Flotex sheet flooring should always be fitted according to AS 1884:2012 “Floor coverings - Resilient sheet and tiles - Installation practices”.

For details download our installing guide below or watch the video how to install Flotex carpet
Forbo Flotex sheet installation guide

Flotex vs Conventional carpet flooring?


All our Flotex floorings are manufactured by using up to 80 million straight nylon fibres per m2. These are electrostatically flocked into the backing of the floor. Because the nylon fibres in the Flotex floors are standing straight ahead, they capture fine dust and allergens. This unique structure ensures these can be released when vacuumed. That is why Flotex is an allergy approved floor covering.

Fibres flotex close-up


Loop pile carpet or loose nylon cut pile fibres also retain fine dust and allergens, however, they’re not easily released due to the complex nature of the surface pile, resulting in bacterial growth and an unhygienic floor over time. Flotex offers the quietness and comfort of a carpet but is far more hygienic.

Fibres carpet close-up

How to clean Flotex carpet

Flotex is a breeze to clean with or without chemicals!

Whether it’s water soluble stains such as coffee, ketchup, coca cola, wine, etc. or greasy stains like butter, engine oil or permanent marker, all can be removed easily from Flotex flocked flooring.

Flotex can save you time and cut your cleaning costs as it is easy to clean, quick-drying and typically needs less water/chemicals than other textile floor coverings.

Most spills can be cleaned with plain water.

Forbo Flotex cleaning & maintenance guide

Discover how easy it is to clean by watching our cleaning demo video

Is Flotex suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers?

Yes! Flotex is a suitable floor for those suffering from allergies and asthma

Flotex is a certified textile floor for asthma and allergy sufferers, thanks to its unique construction it captures allergens and fine dust from the air and is easy to clean, and with the correct cleaning regime, it won’t harbour house dust mites or pet allergens.

Certified allergy friendly textile flooring

Do you have any Flotex flooring case studies?

What do I do if a stain comes back?

Tips on cleaning flotex

If a stain comes back, either the spillage has not been properly removed or there may be detergent residue left behind.

Soak with warm water then scrape, scrub, rinse. For larger areas use a hot water extraction machine.

Tip: Remember, a little detergent goes a long way. Rinsing is extremely important - always ensure that all detergent has been removed. We recommend using a very weak pH neutral detergent; about one part detergent and one hundred parts water.

Flotex Stain chart

Flotex spot cleaning with water