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Our new Allura Wood LVT collection presents 49 wood floor designs in various planks sizes. Next to the regular sized planks, Allura Wood contains a very small plank size of 50x15cm, XXL planks of 180x32 cm and a new trendy long small plank of 150x15cm.

The collection is built up from classic to contemporary wood designs with a mat surface and a natural wood grain. The in-register embossing makes the wood designs really come to life. New are the 4 digitally printed designs (graphic wood & vintage gymfloor), with which you can make your own unique floor pattern.


Allura Wood



    About Allura Dryback LVT

    Allura Dryback luxury vinyl tiles

    The Allura Dryback range is the FULLY ADHERED version of our Allura luxury vinyl tiles portfolio. This glued down LVT floor covering offers maximum certainty and performance and endless design possibilities.

    Allura Dryback offers the largest choice in design, color, size and shape. This is the result of a carefully selected range of designs that are consciously adapted to each other in terms of color and image.

    The collection presents over 100 different designs in various planks & tile sizes. We offer sizes from small planks of 50x15cm to XXL planks and tiles of 180x32cm and 100x100cm. A new trendy long small plank size of 150x15 cm has been added as well as a new Circle shaped tile, with which colorful accents can be made.

    The collection comes in 2 design directions: WOOD and MATERIAL.

    The Allura Wood collection is built up from classic to contemporary wood designs showing both contrasting and plain wood patterns. The new in-register embossing makes the wood designs really come to life.
    The Wood range contain 4 digitally printed items that allow for even more stunning floor designs.

    The Allura Material items are built up from classic stones to modern cements with a new embossing structure. The new circle shaped tiles allow for extra design possibilities. Read more about the Circle tiles.

    All designs are available in a 0.7 and 0.55 wearlayer.

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    Allura technical specifications

    Download the Allura technical table here:

    For other promotional and technical documentation go to our Download Center

    Allura technical specifications

    Find your Allura solution

    Every project is different and has its own specific demands. This can be in relation to the subfloor, the volume of traffic that passes through, or the size of the project. Within our Allura LVT portfolio we offer solutions for all types of applications, like fully adhered vinyl tiles, tackifed loose lay tiles, click connected tiles and fully loose lay tiles. Click on the images above to see the options.

    How to specify your order?
    Each of our Allura LVT collections has a unique identification number that indicates the function of the product:
    ● DR7 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.70 mm
    ● DR5 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● DR4 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.40 mm
    ● FL1 - Allura Flex wear layer 1.0 mm
    ● FL5 - Allura Flex wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● CL5 - Allura Click Pro wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● EA7 - Allura Ease wear layer 0.70 mm
    ● PZ7 - Allura Puzzle wear layer 0.70 mm

    Each color has a colorway number, like 63496. Add the code above as a suffix behind the colorway number to specify your required format.

    Example: you want the grey waxed oak in Allura Flex with wearlayer thickness 0.55 mm: take the colorway number of grey waxed oak which is 63496, and add FL5 behind the number: 63496FL5.

    Allura 63420 burned oak | 63432 smoke cement

    Images & Video

    Allura Wood Images & video

    Allura Wood contains 49 designs in various plank sizes, which allows for endless design possibilities. Allura Wood is also ideal to mix and match with other Forbo flooring collections, like Tessera carpet tiles and Flotex flocked flooring. Open the image gallery below and get inspired by the possibilities that our Allura Wood luxury vinyl tiles offer.