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Marmoleum Real is the largest range in the Marmoleum collection and features a classic marble structure. The 59 colors provide a wide color palette with endless posibilities for designing your floor.

The structures in Marmoleum Real are built up from 2 to 5 colors that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from classic and bold brights to warm neutrals.


Marmoleum Real

Product Specs, MSDS, Warranty

Technical Specification

Download the Marmoleum Sheet and Marmoleum Sheet Adhesive technical information here.

Marmoleum Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Marmoleum Sheet & Walton Adhesives
L 885 Technical Data Sheet
L 885 Technical Data Sheet (French)
L 885 Technical Data Sheet (Spanish)
L 885 SDS
L 885 SDS (French)
Sustain 885m Technical Data Sheet
Sustain 885m Technical Data Sheet (French)
Sustain 885m Technical Data Sheet (Spanish)
Sustain 885m SDS
Sustain 885m SDS (French)
Sustain 1195 Technical Data Sheet
Sustain 1195 Technical Data Sheet (French)
Sustain 1195 Technical Data Sheet (Spanish)
Sustain 1195 SDS
Sustain 1195 SDS (French)
Forbo 660 Technical Data Sheet
Forbo 660 Technical Data Sheet (French)
Forbo 660 Technical Data Sheet (Spanish)
Forbo 660 Part A SDS
Forbo 660 Part B SDS

US Commercial Warranty
CA Commercial Warranty (French)
CA Commercial Warranty

Guide Specifications
Linoleum Sheet Specifications

Marmoleum Sheet EPD

Marmoleum Sheet HPD

Tech specs Linoleum


Easy Installation

In order to get a perfect floor it is important to prepare and to pay attention to a proper installation of the floor covering. Forbo offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result. Key factors for successful installation of a floor are:

Jobsite Conditions
Areas to receive material should be clean, fully enclosed and weather tight with the permanent HVAC in operation. A minimum temperature 68º F (20º C) should be established at least seven days prior to beginning the installation, maintained during the installation, and for at least seven days following the installation. The installation should not begin until the work of all other trades has been completed, especially overhead trades. Any areas to receive material should be adequately lighted to allow for proper inspection of the substrate, installation, seaming and for final inspection.

Subfloor Preparation
The installation of a floor starts with the subfloor, which must be sound, smooth, flat, clean, and permanently dry. In order to ensure that the moisture condition of concrete substrates is within acceptable limits, it is critical that moisture testing be conducted on ALL concrete substrates, regardless of age or grade level, including those where resilient flooring has already been installed. Moisture testing should not be conducted unless a stable, conditioned environment as described under the Jobsite Conditions section has been established. The 3 moisture testes that Forbo recommends conducting are as follows: a Calcium Chloride (Moisture Vapor Emission) Test, a Relative Humidity Test, and a pH Test. Performing adhesive bond tests is also highly recommended. Bond testing will aid in identifying both the working characteristics of the adhesive (open time and working time) for the site conditions, and also any potential bonding problems.

Material Storage and Handling
Areas where materials are to be stored should be a stable, conditioned environment as described under the Jobsite Conditions section. All materials and adhesives should be acclimated to these conditions for at least 48 hours prior to the installation. Material should be delivered to the job site in original, unopened packaging, with all labels intact. All rolls should be stored standing upright, labels up, to ensure that the color, roll and batch numbers can be easily read.

Scribing and Cutting
A good start makes all the difference: pay extra attention to the first sheet of floor covering! A set of professional installation tools contributes to a perfect result.

A perfectly installed floor requires perfect adhesion. Forbo offers 3 high quality adhesives for Marmoleum sheet installations, L 885, Sustain 885m, & Sustain 1195. The flooring material must always be placed into wet adhesive and rolled immediately with a 100 pound roller. Check for adhesive transfer frequently. There must be a wet transfer of adhesive to the material backing in order to achieve a secure bond. Always carefully read and follow the instructions on the adhesive label regarding the use and application of the adhesive, and always review and follow safety and health warnings included on the label and MSDS. After installation, make sure that the room is ventilated, in order to allow the adhesive to dry. Heavy foot traffic and rolling loads are not recommended over a freshly installed floor, until the adhesive has set thoroughly, which in normal conditions takes about 72 hours.

There are 2 options when it comes to seaming, the heat weld or the net fit seam.

1. Heat welding provides a watertight and hygienic seam. Forbo Marmoleum and linoleum products may be heat welded with either a matching solid or multi-colored welding rod or a contrasting colored welding rod, use only Forbo Marmoweld welding rod. All welding should only be done after the flooring adhesive has set up or approximately 24 hours after installation. The depth of the groove on 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm material should be down to the jute fibers but not through them. The material should be grooved to a 3.5 mm wide U-shape. It is recommended to practice on a scrap piece of material first to assure proper temperature and speed.

2. In order to seam Marmoleum using the Net Fir Seam, the seams must be underscribed, net fit with no gaps or fullness and placed into wet adhesive and rolled immediately with a hand seam roller. It is also crucial to roll each drop, or cut, of the installed material immediately after placement into the adhesive with a 100 pound roller in both directions, first through the width and then the length, to achieve proper adhesive transfer. Additional rolling after the seaming is complete, as well as before you leave the room, or thirty minutes after the initial rolling, is suggested to ensure that the material is flat and
fully adhered.

Installation Guidelines

Linoleum Installation

Floor Care

Floor Care for Marmoleum Floors

Our linoleum floors are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their durable Topshield2 finish. Marmoleum with Topshield2 is the only resilient flooring with an occupancy-ready finish. This means that at the time of installation, cleaning with a neutral pH cleaning solution is all that is necessary. The Topshield2 finish also provides exceptional performance against soiling, staining, scratching, and scuffing. Topshield2 has been designed to create a Marmoleum that meets the demands of everyday use and is even more resistant to dirt pick-up, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains, and thus creating a floor that demonstrates a lasting performance over time.

There are generally three types of cleanings are performed on Marmoleum. The first is an initial cleaning. You would want to wait a minimum of five days following the installation before conducting initial cleaning or other wet cleaning procedures in order to allow the adhesive to dry and cure properly. The initial cleaning is done for new installations exposed to normal construction soil and traffic.

The second type of cleaning is a routine cleaning. The routine cleaning should be performed a minimum of once a day, depending on the application, type of traffic and hours of operation.

The third, and final, type of cleaning is an interim cleaning. The interim cleaning should be performed as needed, depending on the application, type of traffic and hours of operation.

Additional maintenance may be performed if necessary.

Forbo offers a full line of cleaning products including a Neutral pH Cleaner, Spray Buff, Mop on Restorer, Heavy Duty Cleaner, Matte Floor Finish (for commercial use), Gloss Floor Finish (for commercial use), Adhesive Remover, & a Residential Floor Finish.

Floor Care Guidelines

Marmoleum easy to clean

Wallbase & Install Accessories

Wallbase & Install Accessories

To view our wallbase colors and accessories please download brochure below Wallbase Brochure


EPDs and HPDs

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