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Allura Premium offers a surprising collection of woods, stones and a buffalo horn, all of which have been created through innovative design processes that result in a superior collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Allura Premium has a 0.7 wear layer and is available in various plank and tiles sizes upto 1 square metre.


Allura Premium


High design by nature

The Allura Premium LVT collection stands on its own. You have never seen higher design in Luxury Vinyl Tiles than these items. This collection contains items with XL plank sizes of 128x50 cm to really make a statement with your floor.

Every item is unique and has its own story.

Solid oak
The solid oak planks have an intense look and feel achieved by the use of a solid wear layer and enhanced with a deep and pronounced embossed finish. The resultant matt surface reflects the light in a subtle way adding to its allure.

Raw edge
Timber in its rawest form. This special plank design combines horizontal and vertical embossing which reflects the natural grain and the cut of
the saw. A robust design which also shows the traces of wear which withstand time.

When ordinary plywood is sanded, treated, coloured and lacquered with a low gloss finish, the spectrum of the wood surface comes to life in an elegant manner. The tile format of this design mimics plywood on a smaller scale, creating a modern practical floor with a specious look and feel.

A surprising gradient that ranges from light to dark over the entire length of each wood plank means that Shadow achieves a very dramatic and atmospheric interior. Because of the wide pattern repeat combined with the large plank size, every plank is different and the in register embossing makes this striking floor come to life like no other.

Traces of time
The muted oxidized metal effect, in cool or warm tones, works particularly well in monumental commercial spaces. The 1m x 1m format delivers a netural base from which clean and simple lines can be achieved.

A subdued yet memorable effect achieved by combining an extremely large pattern repeat with a harmonious palette of natural colours. Working together or separately real and white buffalo create an unexpected visual.

Allura Premium

Technical information

Allura Technical Specification

Sustainable and Durable

Sustainable and Durable

Forbo Allura is created around a glass fleece core which together with the intricate build-up of different layers, including a calandered backing, containing recycled content, result in a product base that delivers a perfect substrate for printing and embossing of the life like decors that have been created by our designers. All printing is done with water base inks and the wear layer is created by making use of our finishes that are used for our project vinyl collections that have proven performance for well over a decade.

Forbo’s Allura collections are produced in Europe using ultramodern production lines that deliver the highest quality product with an extremely good dimensional stability. Green energy used in production and 100% recycling capabilities deliver the most sustainable alternative in LVT.

All Allura collections are created with the highest environmental stands in mind and all collections in the Allura range are phthalate free. Allura also contains recycled content, which is used in the backing of most ranges. For Allura we are only using scrap from our Allura ranges, in this way we can guarantee that also our recycled content in fact is phthalate free.

Allura Premium

Cleaning & Maintenance



Easy Installation & maintenance

Sub floor preparation
The installation of a resilient Forbo floor starts with the sub floor, which must be dry, rigid and smooth. Forbo Europlan is a perfect levelling screed. Forbo Quickfit is a fast alternative sub floor system, especially in situations where sound reduction is required.

A perfectly installed floor requires perfect adhesion. Within the Forbo Eurostar/Eurosafe range, high quality adhesives for every type and situation are available.

Scribing and cutting
A good start makes all the difference: pay extra attention to the first sheet of floor covering! A set of professional installation tools contributes to a perfect result.

Follow the recommended open time (flash off time) from the adhesive supplier, thereafter fold the PVC sheet into the adhesive bed, rub the sheet carefully from centre to the edges in order to press the air out. If prescribed, roll the surface, first width wise, then lengthwise. Remove any excess adhesive.
After installation, make sure that the room is ventilated, in order to allow the adhesive to dry. Preferably do not use or load a freshly installed floor, until the adhesive has set thoroughly, which in normal conditions takes about 2 days.

After the adhesive has set sufficiently, which usually takes a day, Forbo's project vinyl floors can be hot-welded for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons. Vinylweld is available in plain colours that perfectly suit the flooring collections.

Rout out two-third of the depth of the material at the seam, 3.5 mm wide. Use a hot air gun fitted with a narrow guide nozzle; set the temperature at ca. 300°C and weld at about 2 m/min. While the weld is still warm, trim off the top half of the excess weld using a spatula and a slider. When the material is completely cooled, trim it flush by using the spatula alone.

To show a professional end result, the floor can be finished with skirtings, stairnosings and transition profiles.

Allura Installation