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fast fit

Surestep Fast Fit safety flooring is a genuine safety vinyl suitable for an adhesive free installation. It can be laid over a variety of existing subfloors, including fresh, damp concrete substrates.

Surestep's PUR Pearl finish ensures this floor covering is both stain and chemical resistant, making it easy to clean and perfect for demanding commercial applications where quick turnaround and minimal disruption is required, but where slip resistance is priority.

• Genuine ≥ 36 safety flooring
• Adhesive free flooring solution
• Quick turnaround, minimal disruption and low VOCs
• Impact sound reduction of 14dB


Surestep Fast Fit

    About Step

    Safety. Design. Confidence

    Our Step safety flooring collection provides a complete range of non slip floor coverings designed to meet safety demands across a wide variety of applications.

    Step performs best in Safety, Design & Confidence: ultimate sustainable non-slip flooring, the widest choice in designs and durable protection.

    • Safety vinyl flooring with guaranteed lifetime slip resistant performance, created with slip resistant particles throughout the matrix
    • Step covers all relevant slip resistance ratings which can be used across co-ordinating colour schemes.
    • Widest variety in safety flooring solutions, aesthetically pleasing with no comprise on performance.

    • All Step ranges are designed with the application in mind, including fresh & comfortable solutions for continuously wet and barefoot/footwear combined areas.
    • Through our advanced printing techniques, we are able to create beautiful and realistic Wood and Stone designs.
    • We introduce Surestep Balance, a minimalistic design with a matte finish, specifically tailored as dementia flooring.
    • Step is easy to combine with other collections, like Sphera, Eternal and our wall covering range Onyx+.

    • All Step safety floors are finished with PUR Pearl or PUR coating, providing exceptional stain, scratch and chemical resistance and superior appearance retention.
    • As well as unmatched cleaning and maintenance performance.
    • Innovative slip resistant particles Step Crystals on the majority of the ranges contribute to a clean fresh design and easier cleaning.
    • With over 50 years of experience, Forbo is a trusted name in safety vinyl production.

    Read here which Step safety floor is best suitable for your application.

    Surestep Wood 18712 classic twine mosaic  | Safestep R11 174232 fossil.

    What to use where

    Which Step floor to use where

    Our Step non slip flooring collection is divided in 3 ranges:
    Surestep (R10), Safestep (R11, R12) and Wetroom floors (Surestep Laguna, Safestep Aqua). In this video you will get the full overview of what is used where.

    All Surestep floors provide R10 slip resistance, are non-slip particle enhanced and can be applied in all types of general walking areas where an increased slip risk may occur.
    Typical areas: high traffic areas like corridors, ramps, coffee corners, washrooms, toilet, crafts class rooms and public rooms.
    Surestep Original, Star, Balance, Stone, Wood, Laguna.

    Safestep (R11 & R12)
    Safestep floors are applicable in areas where a higher slip risk is identified when incidental, accidental or continuous active contamination of the floor occurs. In these areas it is simply not possible to prevent spillage, due to the type of work environment.
    Typical areas: professional kitchens, light industrial food production, flourist shops, garden centres.
    Safestep R11, Safestep R12

    Wetroom (Surestep Laguna, Surestep Balance, Safestep Aqua)
    Wetroom floor coverings are developed for use in continuously wet areas, where water flows frequently and barefoot traffic is the standard, or a combination of barefoot and footwear traffic occurs.
    Typical areas: shower rooms, spa/pool surroundings, changing rooms, locker rooms.
    Safestep Aqua, Surestep Laguna, Surestep Balance

    Download the Step usage advise for a complete overview of applications
    Step safety flooring what to use where

    Surestep Wood 18072 classic herringbone

    About slip resistance

    Step slip resistance explained

    Durable anti slip flooring
    A sustainable, lifetime non-slip performance as a result of particles throughout the matrix of the floor covering is the requirement to comply with EN 13845. This standard specifies the requirements that must be met to ensure durable slip resistance in varying degrees of usage intensity. All Step floors comply with EN 13845 international slip safety standards.

    Ramp test
    Floors are often evaluated on slip resistance performance by using the R-scale, which is linked to the DIN 51130 standard. Measuring slip resistance on a ramp covered with oil at different angles and thereby resulting in different classes of slip. Step safety flooring is covering the most relevant classes of R10 to R12, in a comprehensive range of non slip floors that are used in conditions where footwear is the standard.

    Barefoot flooring
    For products used in barefoot areas, DIN 51097 applies. The testing method is similar to that of DIN 51130, but this time the product is flooded with a ‘soap and water’ solution, a testing method that is more relevant to the barefoot application.

    The Step range offers unique anti slip flooring solutions up to the highest class in barefoot safety performance. By choosing the right Step floor for the right application one can prevent the potential for accidents caused by slipping significantly.

    In the below document you can read which Step floor suits your application best
    Step safety flooring what to use where

    Step slip resistance graphic

    Installation & floorcare

    Step mop wet



    Step brochure & book

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