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June 2015 issue

Salone del Mobile 2015 | theme Flooring
This is the first in a series of reports about the Salone del Mobile 2015. Each report is based around a theme. The kickoff issue deals with the latest developments around a familiair theme here at Forbo: Flooring.

The Salone showed various perspectives such as; a classic flooring with a twist by Patricia Urquiola, an elegant flooring concept designed to provide orientation by Nendo, or a tasteful makeover of functional pallets into a glorious podium for a great furniture collection by Schemata architects for Vitra.


By Patricia UrQuiola- an unconventional contemporary perspective on a traditional fitting system for a parquet flooring.
Commissioned by Listone Giordano

Biscuit TRNDS May Issue
Alcantra Wood TRNDS May Issue

Alcantara Wood

Designed by Nendo- various alcantara (imitation suede) colours layered and rolled up to create a ‘log’ which is than cut into slices to create the effect of ‘alcantara tree-rings'. Designed for Alcantara


Schemata architects for Vitra- the warehouse character of the Vitra stand highlights the temporary character of the fair.

Warehouse TRNDS May Issue
Stream TRNDS May Issue


Need for Asahi Woodtec - a wood flooring system providing orientation by introducing different vertical joints.

Joints designed in three interval patterns; a wide one expressing ‘slowness’, a narrow one to create ‘quickness’, and a midpoint between the two.

Allowing one to determine a spatial direction and to create a sense of ‘pace’ or ‘speed’


Nina van Bart- researches traditional methods and materials. Specific characteristics of nautical coiling rope are used as starting point to create new architectonical surfaces

Tradition TRNDS May Issue
Diesel Living TRNDS May Issue

Diesel Living

Collaboration of Diesel and Berti- The designs of this collection are provided by the Diesel Creative Team, while Berti Wooden Floors offers its know-how in product development and marketing


Charlotte Lancelot for Gan- a collection that is referring to the old embroidery technique and playing with scale and materials to create a contemporary collection

Silai TRNDS May Issue
Optic TRNDS May Issue


Ignacio Larain Alfombras- by organising identical asymmetric rugs in different directions unique designs are created

Presented in expo AfghanMade about traditional craft by international designers. Curated by Wallpaper*

Level 2 by Sylvian Willenz- simplicity of lines is used to suggest and play with form, depth and perception. Commissioned by Nodus


Studio Irvine for Matteo Brioni- a modular system where rigid wooden elements are combined with adaptable terra cotta. The filling material is a protagonist as much as the rigid element

Exit TRNDS May Issue
Monumental Diversity TRNDS May Issue


India Mahdavi for Bisazza- a series of ceramic tiles that offer by its asymmetric design endless pattern possibilities


Marcel Wanders for Moooi carpets- a collection of jacquard woven carpets that offer an optical illusion

Dry TRNDS May Issue


IKEA- detail of presentation in old warehouse. The natural materials of the collection blend in well with the raw unfinished elements of the environment.


Normann Copenhagen at the fair- a powerful red interior with a flood of deep red nuances. Colours like burgundy, berry and blush creating an uplifting and warming atmosphere

Red TRNDS May Issue
Woodskin TRNDS May Issue


Woodskins- a malleable customisable wood, using triangular patterns on a flexible background

No restrictions

Villa Necchi- the best there is to see in Milan

NoRestriction TRNDS May Issue
Tribute TRNDS May Issue


Kartell goes Sottsass- a tribute to Memphis

Unseen products designed by Ettore Sottsass for Kartell . Designs that never made it to production are now presented in the Kartell Showroom

Perfect Match

Forbo + a combined presentation of Forbo Flooring with the Dutch furniture label eQ+

The eQ+ collection distinguishes itself by an unconventional use of materials and a balance between craftsmanship and modern production technology.

An unique identity that makes a perfect match with our new Marmoleum Modular collection and our Eternal ‘digital print’ range

Perfect Match TRNDS May Issue

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