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Our Milestones

Focus on leading market positions through the sale of the industrial adhesives activity, including synthetic polymers, which belonged to the Bonding Systems division.

Continued development of building and construction adhesives activity by running it as an independent unit in the Flooring Systems division.

Acquisition of Bonar Floors, a major European flooring manufacturer in the contract flooring sector. With this, Flooring Systems strengthens its leading position as a systems provider of resilient flooring solutions in the commercial market.

Forbo acquires the lightweight PVC conveyor belting business from Fenner Dunlop (Charlotte) Inc. North America as a further step to strengthen its Movement Systems division.

New branding and growth strategy; three core divisions – flooring, adhesives and belting – renamed Flooring Systems, Bonding Systems and Movement Systems, operating under the Forbo brand with an integrated business strategy.

2004 – 2006
Strategic focus on three core divisions reaffirmed. Restructuring and measures to raise profitability. Acquisition of Chinese adhesives manufacturer specialized in hot-melt and water-based adhesives.

2000 – 2003
Adhesives gains world stature by acquiring Swift, operating worldwide from the USA, Europe and Asia. Belting business expands in Britain. Linoleum and Vinyl merged to create Forbo Flooring. Now three strategic businesses: Flooring, Adhesives and Belting.

2000 and 2001
New strategy focusing on four divisions: Linoleum, Vinyl, Belting and Adhesives. Divestment of industrial activities, including extruded profiles, decorative products and coated textiles. Carpet business spun off in management buyout. A series of minor acquisitions to strengthen Adhesives business.

1996 – 1998
Divestment of wall-coverings and laminates activities.

Acquisition of Siegling, specializing in process and conveyor belt systems.

1975 – 1994
Forbo evolves into a worldwide group operating on five continents: acquisition of a flooring business in Britain; diversification into wall-coverings and high-pressure laminates.

1973 and 1974
Adhesives activities hived off from linoleum business to be developed independently.
Continentale Linoleum Union is renamed Forbo to reflect the wider portfolio of activities.

1950 – 1973
Diversification into related products such as carpets and vinyl flooring.

Three linoleum manufacturers – German, Swedish and Swiss – form the Continentale Linoleum Union.