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Our ISO 9001 certificate

Recognizing the true value of a quality driven organization to fulfill the requirements of the customer, Forbo Flooring Systems decided in 2012 to explore the possibility to further increase the quality commitment within the entire organization. In April 2013 Forbo Flooring Systems made a step change by certifying all global sales organizations in one multi-site ISO 9001 certificate.

Multi-site certification for ISO 9001 for a global sales organization is unique within the flooring business. Where most organizations only include the sales offices located at a production facility, Forbo Flooring Systems also included the sales organizations outside Europe and the European non production organizations.

In the past years the quality culture of Forbo Flooring Systems sales organizations further matured and has been recertified two times with a complete change-over to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard in April 2019.

ISO 9001 logo

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management system in which customer requirements, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the most important pillars. In the quality management system the processes that create and control the service provided to the customer are described to ensure that the needs and expectations of the customer are met.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle in a process-based approach and encourages risk-based thinking.

PDCA is a tool that can be used to manage processes and systems.

Plan, Do, Check, Act

PDCA stands for :
Plan: set the objectives of the system and processes to deliver results (“What to do” and “how to do it”)
Do: implement and control what was planned
Check: monitor and measure processes and results against policies, objectives and requirements and report results.
Act: take actions to improve the performance of processes

PDCA operates as a cycle of continual improvement, with risk‐based thinking at each stage.


  • Certificate multi-site ISO 9001 Sales

    Download here the certificate multi site ISO 9001 sales

  • Forbo Quality Policy 2019

    Download here the Forbo Flooring Systems Quality Policy 2019