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Conceived by Ettore Sottsass by laying filaments of varied wool yarns collected from different countries onto a flat coloured surface, Sottsass Wool plays on the texture of the individual strands of natural fibres, giving a sense of depth and warmth to the floor. The defined linear pattern offers widely different perspectives used in a variety of interior dimensions.


Flotex Wool

Cleaning & maintenance

Flotex cleaning & maintenance

The unique construction of Flotex flocked flooring is what allows to release soling like no other textile flooring. Unlike the looped and twisted fibers of a conventional carpet tile, the smooth straight fibres of Flotex do not trap particles of soil, allowing them to be removed without difficulty during cleaning. Most spills can be cleaned with plain water.

Download here the complete Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions

Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions


A sustainable floor

Green electricity
Forbo’s manufacturing operations for Flotex in Great Britain and France secure a high quality floor covering, produced with green electricity and minimum waste streams that are all recycled in the floor.

Water based
Flotex is created with nylon 6.6 fibres. All dies and inks that are used to create the Flotex designs are water based. No additional chemical processes take place other than high temperature steam treatment to secure the colours.

Recycled content
Flotex makes use of waste streams of other Forbo production locations to be transformed into the backing of the floor coverings. Recycled content in Flotex is up to 67% of the backing content.

Extremely durable
A big advantage for using Flotex is the extreme performance of the floor covering, with a product life time that surpasses that of ordinary textiles by a factor 6.

Simple cleaning & maintenance
Flotex can be cleaned by using water and a simple detergent. For most staining, simple household soap is enough to clean the product, while other detergent clean away ink, oil and more severe stains. After use Flotex can be recycled back into the production process.

Flotex the sustainable floor

Approvato da BAF e Sanitized®

Approvato da BAF e trattamento Sanitized®

Approvato dalla British Allergy Foundation
Flotex è approvato dalla British Allergy Foundation per la sua dimostrata capacità di avere un impatto positivo sulla qualità di vita di coloro che soffrono di allergia. Flotex infatti cattura gli agenti allergenici e li rilascia immediatamente al passaggio di un comune aspirapolvere. Durante le operazioni di pulizia, Flotex rilascia gli agenti allergenici in quantità due volte superiore rispetto alle moquette tradizionali. La rimozione degli allergeni crea un ambiente più confortevole per chi ha problemi di asma o di allergia.

Flotex è dotato di un trattamento detto Sanitized® che impedisce la proliferazione degli acari della polvere (dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), anche in quelle zone del pavimento difficilmente raggiungibili con l'aspirapolvere. Test indipendenti hanno dimostrato che una colonia di acari della polvere introdotti in un campione di Flotex con il trattamento Sanitized® si riduce in media dell'86% nell'arco di 8 settimane.

Flotex Sanitized e Allergy UK

Technical Information

Flotex Technical Specifications


Flotex installation instructions

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