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surestep original
vinyl sheet

Surestep Original offers you the fresher alternative to the conventional safety flooring with an improved cleaner aesthetic. A palette of 24 colours combines gradations of hue and lightness.

Avaialable in 24 colours.

order a step safety vinyl sample folder

R10, ESf, TRRL≥36, Rz≥20


Surestep Original

Technical & Environmental


Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Installation Cleaning & Maintenance

We always recommend our products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Full Installation and Cleaning and Maintenance instructions can be downloaded below.

You can immediately download the following Step Safety Vinyl guidance sheets here:
Safestep | Cleaning & Maintenance Guide
Surestep | Cleaning & Maintenance guide
Seaming Eternal & Surestep Wood | Installation Guide
Step | Installation Guide
Surestep Laguna & Safestep Aqua | Installation Guide

Check out our Installation & Floor care Video Page

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. Please visit our service products section for more details.
Project Vinyl Installation and Floorcare


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