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coral duo

Coral Duo is the ideal entrance flooring solution when you need maximum dirt removal, unrivalled dirt retention and exceptional moisture absorption all in just a few steps. Research has shown that Coral Duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring solution on the market.

• Ideal solution for most entrances and espcially smaller entrances
• 75% of the yarn in Coral Duo is Econyl® regenerated solution dyed polyamide
• Unbeatable performance for moisture and dirt removal
• Complies with BCA C1.10 Fire requirements
• Suitable for heavy contract use: wear class 33
• Ideal for interior entrances
• BREEAM A/A+ rating across all sectors


Coral Duo

Technical and Environmental

Tessera Diffusion technical table


Coral brochure

Fire standard compliance

Technical & Environmental

Technical & Environmental

You can download here:
Coral Technical Datasheets
Forbo Coral Duo Technical Datasheet

Green information
Forbo believes in Creating Better Environments so we provide environmental datasheets for our products to allow you to make an informed choice. For more information on how Forbo is helping to Create Better Environments, please click here
Forbo Coral Duo Environmental Datasheet

Coral Duo combines our Coral Brush pure and Coral Classic technologies, reinforced with alternating strips of strong thick yarns with additional dirt-scraping properties. As a result, Coral Duo out performs all comparable textile solutions in the first few metres making it ideal, even for short entrances.

75% of the yarn in Coral Duo is Econyl regenerated solution dyed polyamide and it achieves a A/A+ BREEAM rating across all market sectors.

Document download centre
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Coral textile entrance flooring, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link: Download Center

All Forbo technical specifications can be found on our download centre


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Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Our recommended adhesive for Coral Classic sheet is V885 low VOC adhesive or the Forbo Fix 540.

Forbo Coral Floor Care

Coral Brush Blend 5742 atoll blue