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Forbo News overview

Download press releases about the latest news items of Forbo Flooring Systems.

Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

Forbo Flooring Systems is the first company to receive a LEED Gold Certificate for a warehouse in the Netherlands. The Forbo LEED certified warehouse has also been nominated for LEED project of the year and the company has been nominated for the Leadership Award for Manufacturers.

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Leed Gold certificate Press release

  • Leed Gold certificate

    Press release
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  • Leed certificate

    Leed certificate
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Flotex Tile - Coming 2015

Flotex Tile - 2015

Flotex is a modern high tech floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet without any of the drawbacks of a textile floor covering. At the same time, it performs like a resilient with a durable, velour like surface that is comfortable to walk on, warm underfoot with excellent slip resistant and acoustic properties.

Our latest Flotex Tile collection combines modern contemporary designs and linear patterns that is sure to inspire.

Flotex Linear Cirrus

Play with Marmoleum Modular Coming 2015

Play with Marmoleum Modular new collection

Many flooring alternatives already present themselves in a modular format: wood, stone, ceramic, or carpet tiles, all offer various ways to creating floors with an identity of their own. In linoleum you have the same choice but then it comes in a natural way.

Forbo Flooring Systems introduces a new Marmoleum collection with a twist.

Marmoleum Modular lines

Marmoleum Modular press release

  • Press release Marmoleum Modular

    Marmoleum Modular
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Allura Flex Luxury Vinyl Tiles new collection

New collection Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Imagine wood that does not splinter, crack, shrink or discolour under sunlight. Imagine stone that does not break, remains smooth and warm underfoot. Or what about metal that does not rust and is easy to cut, or even glass, that is comfortable to walk on. Welcome to the world of luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, or Design Vinyl as it is now most often called.

Truly Forbo
The new Forbo Allura LVT collection is a vibrant versatile range of floor covering options that take the world of Luxury Vinyl Tiles to the next level of sophistication and performance. Allura is a cutting-edge collection of wood, stone and abstract designs, developed in-house by the Forbo Flooring international design team. The Allura designs are not lifted from a printer’s data bank but are unique, and represent years of floor covering design experience.