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Our responsibility towards our shareholders

We see it as our responsibility to safeguard the interests of our shareholders by being transparent and issuing regular reports on the activities of our business.

Information at a glance

In this area you will find the most important information about Forbo at a glance.

Open Forbo business report with graph of the course of Forbo shares.

Half-Year Report 2014 / Annual Report 2013

  • Half year report 2014

    Half-Year Report

  • Forbo Annual report 2013 En

    Annual Report

Annual Report 2013 in sections

Activity report

  • Forbo Annual report Letter to shareholders 2013

    Letter to

  • Forbo Annual report Forbo in figures 2013

    Forbo 2013
    in figures

  • Forbo Annual report Flooring Systems 2013

    Annual report
    Flooring Systems

  • Forbo Annual report Movement Systems 2013

    Annual report
    Movement Systems

  • Forbo Annual report Forbo share 2013

    Forbo share

  • Forbo Annual report Organization 2013


  • Forbo Annual report Sustainable value creation 2013

    Sustainable value creation

Corporate governance report

  • Forbo Annual report Corporate Governance 2013

    Report Corporate Governance

Financial report

  • Forbo Annual report Financial part 2013

    Annual report financial part

Financial publication archives