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What does bio mean when referring to conveyor belts?

Bio in conveyor belt terms means using special raw materials to help sustain and protect the environment without sacrificing the conveyor belts’ good physical and dynamic characteristics.

What characterizes Bio Belt products?

  • They are made of renewable materials

  • They are bio-degradable and/or compostable

  • They have coatings on their undersides which save up to 40 % in energy (AmpMiser™)
  • The Bio Belt concept is modular and aimed at market acceptance across the board. The current range includes both bio-based (BB) and bio-based bio-degradable (BBD) types. All types have energy saving Amp Miser fabric.

    What does bio-based mean?

    Bio-based means that the belt is based on renewable raw materials. However, it is not an absolute requirement that they all have to be renewable. Forbo uses the highest proportion technically possible.

    What does bio-degradable mean?

    Bio-degradable means that the belt is decomposed by microorganisms under defined conditions.

    What does compostable mean according to EN ISO 14995/13432?

    According to EN ISO 14995/13432, compostable means that microorganisms decompose the belt within a certain period, with no negative impact on the quality of the resulting compost.

    Do BioBelt products have similar technical characteristics? (k1%, bonding strength, Fw-value, friction coefficient …)

    The physical characteristics are similar to standard belts.

    What options exist for customizing the belts?

    Basically the same as those for standard belts, for example applying profiles, making perforations, sealing belt edges etc.

    How are the belts made endless?

    In the same way as standard belts. However, there can be types that are made endless like urethane belts or PVC types.

    Do problems occur when the belts operate in high levels of humidity?

    Not where the bio-degradable Bio Belt products are concerned. Humidity on its own is not a problem for the bio-degradable material either. With regard to decomposition, microorganisms and heat are required.

    How long is the belt’s service life?

    Due to the raw materials used, we can expect the belts to last the same length of time as standard belts.

    Further Information

    • BioBelt FAQ EN

      PDF | EN | 56 KB