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Forbo Siegling at ITMA 2011

Hanover, 01 August 2011 – High-efficiency belts enhance product quality and extend machinery’s service life

Forbo Movement Systems is showcasing its latest product developments at ITMA in Barcelona, Spain. Its new printing blankets ensure top printing quality and enhanced web-laying belts optimize the way the product lies. New power transmission belts set standards, offering energy-efficiency and longer product lives. The Hanover belting specialist will be presenting its company and latest product innovations from 22 to 29 September in hall 2, stand C 235.

Printing blankets with consistent pitch line for maximum printing accuracy
Printing quality is paramount. Which is why Forbo Siegling has developed two new printing blankets that set standards in rotary, flat-bed and digital printing. They have polyester tension members and produce even more accurate printing results. The Print 6646-2.15E is single-ply and has a low-noise underside. This characteristic is particularly important for high speed operation during flat-bed printing. Because of the typical start-stop process during flat-bed printing, belts without enhanced undersides frequently cause irritating noise. With its special fabric design and low surface weight, the belt is also kind to key elements of the machine, such as the magnetic bar cover. It also ensures longer service lives and cuts energy and maintenance costs as a result. The two-ply PRINT 6736-2.65E was developed for rotary printers based on this innovative high-tech fabric design. In this case, advantages such as reliable, low-noise belt tracking also really bear fruit. PRINT 6736-2.65E combines robustness with extreme repeat accuracy. The belt’s thickness and pitch line precision mean that it is easy to retrofit on existing rotary printers.

ITMA 2011 in Barcelona
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Web-laying belts without wrinkle forming
Web-laying belts have key functions to fulfill in the manufacture of needle felts. Forbo Siegling is facing up to this challenge and introducing two new web-laying belts at ITMA. With its low-friction coating, the NP 6553 glides even more easily and gently through the non-woven fabric. The look of the product when processing the finest of fibers shows a significant improvement. The belt is highly conductive and therefore functions perfectly without any electrostatic build-up. In relation to the belt's weight, it is also very laterally stiff. This dramatically cuts the risk of creases forming.

The second innovation in the manufacture of non-wovens is the extremely light, two-ply web-laying belt NP 6711 with a low-drag, finely patterned belt surface. The lightweight design ensures especially quiet tracking, particularly when the widths laid are wide. The typical pounding the belt makes is usually avoided. Good release properties are another excellent feature. The result: machinery can be operated even faster and more effectively and wears out much slower. The new generation of particularly lightweight, modular heating presses complements the range of Forbo Siegling innovations for nonwoven production.

Longer service lives for components in yarn manufacture
Since their launch, power transmission and tangential belts of the Siegling Extremultus A and E lines have proved to be very efficient and durable. The belts have thermoplastic aramide and polyester tension members. Forbo Siegling engineers gave them a tougher black coating and stronger tension members. This combination ensures longer service lives and produces better internal stability of the belts. The consistent friction coefficient in tangential belts also produces more consistent spindle revolutions. The tangential belts have particularly strong edges and they operate extremely reliably. The result: even after a long usage period, the quality of the yarn stays at a constantly high level.

Forbo Siegling’s new rotor belts for OE machines are new benchmarks in rotary power transmission technology. The tangential belts, calibrated on both sides, have highly abrasion-resistant coatings that ensure consistent friction coefficients over their entire service lives. The Siegling Extremultus rotor belts also have a thickness tolerance of just 0.02 mm. Consequently, there is less stress on sensitive components like the rotor bearings and better yarn quality with fewer piecings is guaranteed. The rotor belt can be supplied up to 150 meters in length.

Tangential Belt

Extensive service locally – the world over
Forbo Siegling strives to provide extensive service facilities. In order to ensure the extreme precision of its power transmission and conveyor belts, the company offers its customers on-site endless splicing. The variety of belts offered requires reliable splicing methods that Forbo Siegling has developed, based on its long-standing expertise. The global company offers its service in many countries via local companies and service points.

Forbo Movement Systems (previously called Siegling) employs more than 1,800 people globally in eight production sites and 25 international companies. Forbo conveyor and power transmission belts are used in nearly all industries, but also in the retail and services sectors. Key competencies are the food and packaging industries, logistics and airports, as well as paper, print and raw materials industries. The company was founded in 1919 in Hanover. Since 1994 the company has belonged to the Swiss company Forbo International. The products have been marketed since 2007 under the master brand "Forbo Movement Systems".

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