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Forbo at Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne

Stand B-070, Hall 7.1

From March 19–22, conveyor belt expert Forbo Siegling will present its broad range of products and services to food producers and OEMs.

Conveyor belts for the food industry

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Siegling Fullsan are homogenous, hydrolysis-resistant, polyurethane conveyor belts. They are exceptionally resistant to oil, grease, moisture and bacteria and therefore ideal for all unpackaged food processes. The new Fullsan product line’s Flat series provides solutions for tension driven applications. Its Center Drive and Positive Drive series also offer belts for form-fit power transmission. Multiple configuration options, such as belts reinforced with aramid cord, various belt surfaces (GL, MT, NP), and profiles (side walls, longitudinal profiles or flights) make Fullsan your go-to belt solution. A customized heating press guarantees superior hygiene if the belt is spliced on site.

Fullsan for the food industry

ProSnap – the quick-release system for our series 4.1, 6.1, 10 and 13 Prolink plastic modular belts.

The tool-free ProSnap quick-release system is child’s play to use. But that’s not all: it saves precious time (and therefore money) when cleaning (COP = Cleaning Out of Place) and maintenance are carried out on site. As a result, ProSnap offers extra value in terms of hygiene, convenience and efficiency.


Prolink series 18 plastic modular belts

Series 18 is our strong modular belt series with an innovative hinge pin system. With a pitch of 25.4 mm (1 in), it stands apart for its low weight. Belts from this series are ideal for straight and curved conveying. They come in incision-resistant polyacetal (POM-CR) and polypropylene (PP) and in blue and white in each case. The belts’ narrow Grid Top pattern allows conveying of small products. With an open area of 44%, series 18 also provides excellent airflow and drainage. The belts are easy to clean and ideal for conveying packaged and unpackaged foodstuffs. There are different variants for diverse applications.

Hinge pin system of Prolink Serie 18

Meet our Experts

Being at the right place (Stand B-070, Hall 7.1) at the right time (March 19–22).
Fair Siteplan

We look forward to meeting and talking to you, or seeing you again. Our international team of experts will be on hand on all four days of the trade show. You can look forward to innovative product ideas and tried-and-true standards from Forbo Movement Systems. To come and visit us, feel free to request a free voucher code.

Our experts at the fair

Further information

  • 888 Series 18 EN – Excerpt from Prolink engineering manual

    Siegling Prolink Serie 18
    Excerpt from engineering manual

  • 259 Fullsan Product Range EN

    Siegling Fullsan
    Product Range