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Live Fast, Love Flock

In our busy day-to-day lives, indoor environments are just as important as outdoor environments in terms of reducing emissions and enhancing wellbeing. With ultra-low VOC emissions, zero phthalates and the only textile to have the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™, Flotex flocked flooring covers all ground, creating better indoor environments in which to live, learn, work, interact and play.

What is Flotex?
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Allergy UK approved textile flooring

How can Flotex help?

Thanks to the unique nylon construction of Flotex, allergens are trapped within its densely packed flocked pile, thereby reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere. These are then safely released to standard vacuums on cleaning.

Flotex opens up a world of colour and design to allergy sufferers who previously had to steer clear of textile floor coverings. Slip resistant and offering up to 20dB impact noise reduction, our flocked floor covering is a reassuringly safe and sound flooring solution.

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Poppy's Bedroomg

Rachael Wintrip’s daughter Poppy, six, has suffered from eczema since she was three-months-old, and developed asthma at the age of two. Forbo Flooring replaced her old bedroom carpet with Flotex flocked flooring, which has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval. This means that with the correct cleaning regime, it won’t harbour house dust mites or pet allergens.

As the first textile flooring product to be approved by Allergy UK, Flotex is proven to improve the lives of allergy sufferers by helping to create better indoor air quality.

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Meopham Academy

As part of its work with Allergy UK, Forbo Flooring Systems donated 50m2 of Flotex flocked flooring to Meopham Community Academy in Kent, as part of a trial to investigate the impact of floor coverings on the health and well-being of pupils.

Meopham Community Academy had a pupil under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital for allergic conditions, including severe eczema and a respiratory allergy. Therefore, Flotex did not only help him, but also other children with similar problems as they move through the academy.

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Meopham Academy AUK
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