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Put Flotex flocked flooring in the spotlight and you'll discover its performance will never let you down. Flotex has been designed to hand high traffic and cleans up like new every time without wearing or fading.

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Flotex Terrace

Easy to clean & maintain

With a 10-year guarantee, it’s well suited to areas where durability and cleanability are essential. There’s no need to decide between functionality or style, why not have both with Flotex? It really is a showstopper!

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Flotex Metro Sand 246012 coffee stain

Truly washable textile flooring

With 70 million fibres per square metre, Flotex flocked flooring has a highly dense surface pile, reducing the potential for soiling deposits. The upright fibres and impermeable PVC backing means fibres can be cleaned right down to the base. Dry soiling is easily removed using an upright vacuum cleaner whilst tougher stains and dirt can be removed with standard carpet wet cleaning machinery:

- 3 in 1 cleaning machine
- Hot water/spray extraction machine
- Cylindrical brush counter rotating machine

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An unusual use of Flotexy

With lots of fluffy feathers, long pink legs and sensitive feet, Chester Zoo’s latest arrival of 21 Caribbean flamingo chicks required a floor covering for their enclosure that would be hygienic, comfortable underfoot and easy to clean. Forbo Flooring Systems came to the rescue and supplied the UK’s most visited zoo with its unique – and appropriately named – hybrid flocked flooring, Flotex.

Flotex was the perfect solution because of its short and highly dense pile, meaning it was comfortable for the flamingo chicks and didn't create any risk for them to catch or damage their feet. As Flotex is extremely easy to clean, it meant the flamingos' keepers could clean the flooring quickly, allowing them to spend more time with the chicks, giving them the attention they needed.