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Sarlon Sparkling is a resilient floor covering that is specially adapted for use in the healthcare environment. The collection offers 15 dB sound reduction and a selection of colours is even available with 17dB sound reduction properties.

The high light reflection (LRV) values of Sarlon Sparkling provide pleasant low energy costs.


Sarlon Sparkling

    About Sarlon Sparkling

    15dB Compact PVC flooring

    Forbo Sarlon Sparkling is the flooring choice for the healthcare segment. The timeless designs offer an harmonious colour palette and the special properties of this vinyl sheet flooring create a safe hygienic environment.

    Sarlon Sparkling offers you:

    Hygiene and easy clean & maintenance
    ● Antibacterial properties because of silver-ion based treatment
    ● Unrivalled resistance to betadine and eosin
    ● Perfect dimensional stability for hygienic welding

    The rolling performance of a compact flooring, with underfloor comfort
    ● Excellent indentation resistance
    ● Force to initiate movement identical to compact flooring
    ● Underfloor shock absorption and impact sound reduction of 15dB

    Functional design
    ● Timeless decors with visual defects prevention
    ● Designed in combination with Sphera Element and other colour ranges.

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    Technical specifications

    Sarlon Acoustic vinyl technical specifications

    Installation & Floorcare

    Sarlon cleaning & maintenance


    Sarlon Sparkling & the environment

    From how they are made to how they perform, we make sustainable floors that are good for people, good for buildings and good for the environment.

    ● The raw materials of Sarlon Sparkling are guaranteed phthalate-free
    ● Sarlon is manufactured using electricity from renewable sources
    ● Low emission ensures a healthy indoor environment
    ● Sparkling offers a wide range of energy-saving high LRV colours
    ● 100% recyclable

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