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Vloeroplossingen voor retail

Binnen 24 uur een nieuwe zaak

Meer dan ooit moet een fysieke winkel meerwaarde bieden. Forbo helpt u graag een onderscheidende ruimte te creëren die uw klanten blijft verrassen. En dat kan vaak sneller dan u denkt!

Allura Click flooring - retail environment

Onze expertise in Retail

Onze expertise in Retail

Als wereldwijde speler in vloeren kennen we de uitdagingen van elke sector. In de detailhandel wilt u geen verlies van openingstijden van de winkel. De installatie moet snel en soms 's nachts gebeuren. Met de steeds veranderende concepten wilt u snel kunnen aanpassen of een op maat gemaakte oplossing. Wij kunnen helpen daarbij.

Allura im Bereich Fashion
Flotex im Fashionbereich

Fast Fit: Slim, snel en succesvol

Forbo heeft met flexibele loslegvloeren de ideale oplossing voor winkels. Met Fast Fit vernieuwt u interieurs in een oogwenk en geeft u uw winkel snel een gewenste facelift. U kunt de zaak direct weer openen, want tijd is geld. Maak uw keuze uit banen, tegels of stroken die zonder verlijming op de bestaande vloer worden gelegd. En wees verzekerd van een veilige, ijzersterke vloer die precies aan uw wensen voldoet.

Meer informatie over Fast Fit


Dynamics of a building

As designers at Forbo we do believe that our products are intrinsically connected with the design and aesthetics of a building.

Our ambition starts with creating better indoor environments.

Therefore we approach design as a collaborative process that is embracing the human experience.

Halifax Flagship Store - Allura and Westbond floorings

References in retail

Many shops worldwide used Forbo floors before you. Visit our reference section and get inspired by existing Forbo flooring solutions in retail environments. Our reference overview will help you to see products in use and how they are applied.

Our worldwide references

Flotex Colour floorings
Bespoke Design Service

Floorplanner and design service

Om uw vloer te creëren en te beslissen wat het beste past in de winkel waarvoor u ontwerpt, hebben we verschillende tools en diensten. Onze floorplanner helpt u om al onze vloeren in een winkelomgeving te plaatsen of zelfs te combineren, zodat u kunt zien hoe dit werkt.
Start playing now in our floorplanner

Onze ontwerpservice kan zelfs nog verder gaan. Wij kunnen u helpen bij het ontwerpen van uw vloer. Ons team van ontwerpers staat voor u klaar, neemt contact met u op en laat hen weten wat de vereisten zijn, stuurde hen de foto's van de huidige situatie of de gewenste oplossing en zij zullen met plattegronden en productvoorstellen komen.
Contact our design team

Stores we love

On our Pinterest board we collect references and store designs we love. Follow our Retail Interiors board and get new inspiration on a regular basis. We share multiple examples of Forbo floorings in different shopping environments.
Pinterest stores we love

Do you want to see examples of Forbo floorings in other segments as well? Visit our general Forbo Flooring Systems Pinterest board.
Forbo Flooring Systems on Pinterest

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Retail image gallery

Global partnerships

The responsibility for forging global partnerships with key clients is entrusted to our most experienced Key Account Managers.

Dedicated to customer care, their only remit is to ensure that Forbo delivers a flooring solution that is ideally suited to your needs.

- We can supply international quotations and have experience with international order processes and local regulations
- We manage international logistics
- We have 20 years partnerships with worldwide customers

Bulletin Board 2182 Worldmap
Atalanta International School

Leading global manufacturer

- Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Swiss Forbo Group

- Key figures Forbo Group 2018:
> Net sales 1327.0 CHF Mio
> Group profit 137.6 CHF Mio
> Employees 5.739

- A worldwide presence:
> 15 manufacturing plants
> 38 Flooring sales offices worldwide
> 90 additional markets served via strategic partnerships
> 70 key account managers across 30 countries

- European manufacturer with factories in The United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

- European logistics and responsiveness

Leading in environment

We care about you and the environment

- Forbo is a founding member of the World Green Building Council.
- We have received various labels and certification for your products and or production facilities.
- All of our manufacturing sites are ISO certified. Raw materials are used efficiently, waste is recycled whenever possible.
- We are committed to social responsibility, the Forbo sites are certified according to SA8000.

creating better environments

Flooring and environment
Forbo design service

Reliable service

We offer you:
- a sole source of supply for all your flooring requirements
- local advice, support and cross border project management
- efficiencies of scale, certainty of supply and rapid delivery

Above all one single contract and one single point of contact to save you time and money.

Product portfolio

All floors you need

The right solutions for the right reasons

We pride ourselves on offering a truly comprehensive product portfolio with leading edge products specifically designed to cater for all areas, from the entrance area, through circulation and communal zones, to each individual room in the building.

Forbo Coral entrance zones
Allura 1000 possibilities

Allura LVT for eye catching patterns

Are you looking for the aesthetics of natural wood or stone floors with the advantages of strong & comfortable vinyl? Explore our Allura LVT collection.

- Authentic look
- In house design
- Variety of sizes
- Various traffic levels
- Acoustic performances; comfort and warmth
- Variety of installation methods: glued down, loose lay, click for easy installation
- Production in Europe

Marmoleum, the natural flooring

A natural winner! Our linoleum floor coverings with the Marmoleum brand are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Linoleum flooring is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice.

- Natural product
- Produced CO2 neutral
- Various eco labels
- Pure look
- Mimic the nature
- Combination with Furniture linoleum
- Various formats (rolls, planks, tiles, sheet)

Marmoleum click - 333701, 633701, 333860, 633860
Flotex Vision Image Cobblestone - 000348

Flotex, even easier than you can imagine

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and its impervious backing makes it suitable for wet cleaning.

- Sound absorption; comfort and warmth
- Hygienic - Allergy free
- Excellent slip resistance
- In-house design team
- Digital printing and custom design
- Available in sheet, tile and plank format
- Possible combination with Allura Flex
- Quick and easy: loose lay

Create a lounge atmosphere with Tessera

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments.

- Sound absorption performance
- Slip resistant surface
- Modularity
- Quick and easy: loose lay installation
- Variety from simple to luxury and rich textures
- Possible combination with Allura Flex

Tessera floor
Nuway Tuftiguard flooring

The first impression counts with Coral/Nuway

Entrance flooring is fundamental for shops. A well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolongs the life of interior flooring finishes, reduces cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries. With both textile (Coral) and rigid (Nuway) Entrance Systems in our portfolio, we can offer an entrance solution for every situation.

- Stop up to 95% of the walked in dirt and moisture
- Maintain floors appearance
- Reduce maintenance costs
- Slip resistant surface
- Textile Coral: sheet, tiles, click, logo
- Rigid Nuway mats for upper range high intensity foot traffic

Sphera homogeneous vinyl let's you play with colours

Vinyl floors are very popular because of their durability, low maintenance and versatility. Homogeneous vinyl is made of 1 single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of colour. It is incredibly durable and stain resistant which makes it a great flooring choice for heavy traffic areas.

- Durable
- Fresh colour palette
- Available in sheet format
- Production in Europe

Fabscrap flooring
Needlefelt Showtime Heritage 05 930202 flooring

Needlefelt solutions as cost-efficient alternative

The robust, hard-wearing properties of our Needlefelt floor coverings make it ideal for installations that meet high traffic such as in retail establishments. Needlefelt carpet often provides a cost-efficient alternative to conventional broadloom carpeting in heavily-used areas that require a practical & durable textile floor covering.

- Textile performance
- Price competitive
- Slip resistant surface
- Available in sheet format
- Production in Europe

Bespoke flooring - you choose what it looks like

Can't find what you are looking for despite our wide product range? No worries, we have more. Within our Bespoke Design flooring you can design your own unique floor with our digital print techniques in Flotex, Eternal project vinyl and Coral entrance flooring and the refined Aquajet cutting technique for Marmoleum flooring.

Bespoke Digital Printed Vinyl

Dedicated Team

A team that puts you first

Identifying and understanding your strategy

- Recommending the optimum product solution
- Providing design schemes where required
- Detailed performance, environmental and warranty information
- Timetable of implementation for your programme
- An open and transparent pricing structure

Think global, act local

Local teams working with local representatives

Throughout the duration of a project, your Forbo Key Account Manager serves as your single point of contact for any questions, from anywhere in the world.

We believe that this approach saves you time, eliminate hassle and uncertainty and ensures consistency and reliability, no matter how complex your project.

Sales regions
Forbo Flooring sales team

Our key account team

Our sales team works closely together and can work cross border. The same details apply for all markets so your colleagues on the other side of the world will get the same treatment as you will.

- Key Account Team
- Sales Team
- Customer Service

Our technical team

Our technical team works closely with our sales team and our customers to deliver technical support for projects, training and maintenance.

The same is relevant for all markets so your colleagues on the other side of the world will get the same treatment as you will.

- Technical support
- Project support
- Installation
- Cleaning
- Maintenance

Installation Click
Flotex Dutch Design Rop

Our design team

Our in-house design team consists of more than 20 people with expertise of influential designers. We can help you design your floor.

Our team of designers is ready for you, get in contact and let us know your requirements.


Create a shopping experience

Creating the ultimate shopping experience is what it is all about. Beside the changing behaviour towards online shopping, the current retailer needs to use all possible options to entice people to come into the store. Flooring is just one of them but a very important one! It may stand out or be as modest as possible to let your products do the talking.

Oberflächen im Ladenbau
Marmoleum Fresco 3260 flooring

The influence of lighting

De invloed van daglicht op de retailprestaties werd door experts aangetoond door een experiment dat een toename van de omzet met 40% constateerde na het verhogen van de hoeveelheid daglicht door daklichten.

- Hoeveelheid licht
- Kwaliteit van het licht
- Daglicht
- Glare

Vloeren kunnen de prestaties van de verlichting in een winkel aanzienlijk beïnvloeden, dus het kiezen van de juiste vloer is erg belangrijk.

Interior layout

The interior layout of retail establishments can cause disorientation, overcrowding and stress, which will have a negative impact on retailer’s performance.

- Design of walkways, differentiation of different zones and signage affects the shopper’s ability to navigate or orient themselves within the store.

The use of different flooring types for walkways, payment areas, display areas, different product zones etc… within the store, can make navigation throughout the store much easier for the shopper.

Choosing right interior layout
Flotex planks Seagrass floorings

Look & feel

The “look and feel” of retail environments influences both the ability to attract the customer and the ability to retain the customer within the retail environment.

Design strategies must balance the objective to attract customers with retaining customers.

Look and feel can be evaluated through two key design considerations:
- Aesthetics includes; colour, texture, shapes and artwork within the retail environment. Colour can produce autonomic biological reactions, emotional responses and capture attention.
- Ergonomy

The floor covering has a significant influence on colour perception within the shop.

Acoustic performance

Noise pollution is known to cause a wide array of physical and behavioural symptoms that can negatively impact the profits or retailers by driving users away and lowering the wellbeing of staff.

Metrics and design considerations commonly used to assess acoustic conditions include:
- Background noise
- Privacy and speech interference

Designers can create improved acoustic conditions for retail environments by using background noises to mask unwanted distraction and reduce noise levels to avoid stress.

Choosing the type of floor carefully will help creating the right level of acoustic you want to reach.

Sarlon acoustic vinyl
Marmoleum Marbled natural linoleum flooring

Biophilic design

Biophilia is an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.

It has been demonstrated that exposure to the natural world (through any of the five senses) has a positive effect on an individual’s wellbeing by reducing stress levels.

In studies of retail environments biophilic design was shown to have a positive impact on dwell time and price acceptance.
- Direct experience of natural spaces
- Views
- Interior design
- Place-based design

Indoor air quality

In the context of retail, numerous experiments carried out demonstrates that retail environments with lower air quality tend to have a higher client and staff dissatisfaction level, which will in turn lead to less time being spent in the retail environment and fewer repeat customers:

- Pollutant concentration
- CO2 concentration
- Odour
- Humidity

The type of floor you will install will influence the pollutant concentration.

Allura floorings - retail environment