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Allura - Luxe Vinyl Tegels

Allura, gemaakt met Hollandse passie

  • Allura 60353 | 62534
  • Allura 62519 | 63511
  • Allura 60085 | 62419
  • Allura 63427 light cement | 63410 hazelnut timber
  • Allura 62513
  • Allura 60300 | Tessera 3407 | Flotex 145009
  • Allura 62456 grey marbled stone

Topkwaliteit vinyl vloeren met eindeloze mogelijkheden

Allura is Forbo's wereldwijde merk van luxe vinyltegels (LVT) en heeft zich het afgelopen decennium gevestigd als één van de meest populaire merken in onze productportfolio. Het is gemaakt voor eindgebruikers en professionals in de vloerbranche door professionals in commerciële vloeren.

Ontdek onze nieuwe Allura LVT-collecties, die de esthetiek van natuurlijke houten of stenen vloeren bieden en de voordelen van sterk en comfortabel vinyl. Dit betekent warme ondervoet, geluidsabsorberend, duurzaam, eenvoudige en snelle installatie en gemakkelijk te onderhouden.

Alle Allura-producten zijn [combineerbaar] (cmspage: 41601; css-nAr) met andere soorten Forbo-vloeren, zoals Flotex flockvloeren, Tessera-tapijttegels en Coral-toegangsvloeren. Met Allura LVT bieden we u zowel vrijheid in ontwerp als vrijheid in toepassing!

Allura 63576 | 63550 | 63576C | 63550C | 63582C | 63584C | 63574C
Allura 2020

Conventionele en nieuwe constructies

In onze Allura LVT portfolio, bieden we meerdere collecties aan, ieder met z'n eigen constructie.

De conventionele collecties:
• Allura dryback - volledig verlijmd
• Allura flex - losleg met gebruik van fixeerlijm
• Allura click pro - click verbinding
• Allura decibel - superieure akoestische prestatie

En de nieuwe collecties:
• Allura puzzle - losleg met een puzzle connectie
• Allura ease - volledig losleg

Met deze nieuwe Allura-collecties wil Forbo u nog meer toepassingsvrijheid bieden, waardoor u uw vinylvloer eenvoudiger en sneller kunt installeren zonder lijm of tackifier.

At Forbo, we study how people work, live and interact in today’s commercial interiors. We connect this knowledge to future trends and the changing dynamics of a building; we use our findings to innovate and differentiate our portfolio of flooring products through design and function.

We solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by providing answers to key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimising environmental impacts. Besides dealing with these key market trends, we are constantly looking for new innovations in designs and formats.

Discover our new Allura luxury vinyl tile collections and see which format(s) and design(s) will suit best in your working environment. Every company has its own flooring needs: temporary pop-up stores want to have quick flooring solutions that can be used multiple times, retailers don't want to have too much downtime so quick installation overnight is highly preferred, and other companies love to use unique designs, maybe in combination with other flooring types. With Allura this is all possible and thanks to our production process we can guarantee you the highest quality vinyl floorings in the worldwide LVT market with lowest impact on the environment.

Belangrijkste uitdagingen

• No time to install in a busy working environment
• No downtime for your company
• In some cases, you want to use a floor more than one time
• No use of adhesive in future projects
• Vinyl has a high impact on environmental performance

How to solve

By offering the widest and highest quality LVT portfolio of tackifier or even adhesive free products; supplemented with solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.

In this Allura LVT range, we use recycled content in the backing of all products and offer multiple formats to give the possibility to take out the floor and make flooring re-usable.

Made with passion

Allura LVT has always been made with passion and knowledge and presents on the next generation of LVT flooring. It has been designed, produced, and delivered to the customer in the most sustainable way possible and it offers the highest quality available in the LVT market. This can only be achieved when the people working on this Allura range have passion for their product. No matter if you are responsible for the design process, the production process or selling the product, every Forbo employee who is involved in the Allura project is doing his work with real passion!

Our passionate Forbo employees are proud of the Allura range, so they would like to give you more information about how they work and how the Allura collections have been created. We interviewed six different Forbo employees, all with their own responsibility and experience in Allura luxury vinyl tiles. Please click on one of the buttons below to hear their stories.

"We are passionate about design and the endless possibilities Allura offers, both as a stand-alone collection and in combination with other Forbo floorings."