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The Flooring Systems division offers a broad and attractive range of environmentally friendly natural linoleum, high-quality vinyl floors, entrance matting systems for cleaning and drying shoes, carpet tiles, needle felt, and Flotex, the washable high-tech textile flooring. Thanks to their excellent technical properties and attractive design, these flooring products are invariably the first choice for public buildings, department stores, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, schools, libraries, commercial and office spaces, leisure centers, shops, hotels, restaurants, and cafeterias as well as for applications in the residential market. With a market share of about 70 percent, Forbo is the world leader in linoleum.
Flooring Systems also provides ready-made adhesives for floor covering installations, parquet flooring, and ceramic tiles, leveling compounds for the construction industry as well as liquid floors under the trade name Eurocol.

Business Intelligence
The Forbo Flooring Business Intelligence (FFBI) department offers global support for reporting and analyzing data extracted from various source systems. Within this department we aim to support our sales, logistics and finance offices in their needs for information. This is achieved by working in close liaison with the business departments as well as the ERP competence center.

Business Intelligence internship/stage

Management reporting around the manufacturing process of Linoleum is still depending on a lot of Excel repetitive activities. As a result:
  • certain reports are only available on a monthly bases due to the amount of time that is consumed by gathering the data;
  • Amount of time left for analyzing is limited;
  • The realization of the report is heavily depending on key persons within the organization.
We would like to investigate the possibilities of how our data warehouse and reporting platform can be an effective solution, that will improve the management reporting in relation to the manufacturing process of Linoleum, and to meet today’s and future needs. The following goals are defined:
  • An overview of all management reports that are currently available that supports the manufacturing process and how the data within these reports is obtained;
  • A technical design and implementation of running current reports on our reporting platform;
  • An advice and implementation of a management dashboard for manufacturing.

Project team
You (!) with help from the FFBI department, ERP competence center, manufacturing department as well as members from the Dutch finance department.

  • Higher vocational (HBO) in BI-related field: for example Business IT and Management;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English.

Job application
For more information, please contact Riko Mets, Business Intelligence Manager FFS at phone number 075 - 647 7011 or e-mail: