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Marmoleum Marbled

The natural beauty of a CO2 neutral floor covering made to contribute to a healthy indoor environment. Marmoleum Marbled is versatile in its application and durable in use. It is an all-time modern classic.

Our new Marmoleum Marbled flooring presents the classic marbled pattern in 5 intriguing organic structures; Real, Fresco, Vivace, Splash & Terra. This sustainable linoleum floor covering offers the largest resilient flooring color bank. The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone.

Marmoleum Splash 3430 & Fresco 3271 floors

The story behind Marmoleum

Marmoleum CO2

What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is our worldwide linoleum brand, which is known for its natural origin, durable character, versatility in its application and easiness to clean and install. Forbo Flooring Systems introduces a new Marmoleum Marbled collection, containing five different natural marbled structures.

Because of its special characteristics Marmoleum Marbled is the perfect flooring solution for almost all application areas, like healthcare flooring, school floors, hospitality flooring, retail floors and so on.

Why is Marmoleum so natural?

Plants are the source of Marmoleum floors, as they grow they ultimately provide the natural ingredients for linoleum. The flax plant flowers produce linseed from which the vegetable oil is extracted. Rosin, which is responsibly extracted from re-planted pine forests, is combined with the linseed oil to form the very essence of linoleum.

Limestone and wood flour - residue from the recycled materials from the forestry industry - provide substance to the linoleum, while the fibres from the jute plant are used for the jute mesh carrier on which linoleum is calandered. Pigments color the floor and give it its characteristic visual.

"Marmoleum is our worldwide linoleum brand, which is known for its natural origin, durable character, versatility in its application and easiness to clean and install."

Marmoleum Real 3173

Antibacterial activity

One very specific and unique characteristic of linoleum floorings is its natural antibacterial properties that are inherent to the use of linseed oil and rosin as raw materials. Third party laboratory research* shows that Marmoleum floors restrain and reduces the activity of common bacteria including Ecoli and MRSA, thus enhancing the hygienic performance of the floor.

*Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd. UK / 2018


Topshield2 is Forbo Floorings' high performance UV-finish which is applied to all Marmoleum floor coverings, including our new Marmoleum Marbled collection. Topshield2 resists staining, scuffing and scratching for lasting appearance retention and provides for easy cleaning and maintenance at lower intervals.


Focus on nature

Made by nature

Forbo Flooring Marmoleum is manufactured from natural raw materials. Therefore this product is free from plasticizers and synthetic additives and low in emission. It's the first CO2 neutral resilient floor covering in the world, made to contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

Find out more information about Marmoleum CO2 neutral flooring solution.

Marmoleum CO2 neutral

Inspired by nature

Our Marmoleum has the largest resilient flooring color bank, so it's applicable in every interior. The softer natural feel of Marbled coordinates well with woods and stones. Its blend of colors provides versatility when combining with other surfaces. The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone.

In our Floor planner you can combine different flooring patterns to see how they match.

Reliable by nature

Marmoleum Marbled is versatile in its application and durable in use. With the correct cleaning and maintenance, it can last up to 30 years or even longer. Marmoleum floors have a proven track record, with millions of m2 installed on a yearly basis. They are easy to install with the net fit seam technology or Marmoweld (with a welding rod).

The Marmoleum Marbled collection contains structures and colors where dust is less visible. This is an advantage when you have a room with much traffic. All our Marmoleum floors are easy to clean, so it doesn't take you too much time to give your floor a great look again.

Netfit Marmoleum Marbled Fresco

Marbled structures

Five different natural structures

Forbo Flooring has created 5 different structures within the new Marmoleum Marbled collection. On this page we will explain each sub brand in more detail. If you want to see all structures and colors in one overview, please go to the Marmoleum Marbled overview page.


Fresco has a strong palette of subtly blended tone-on-tone items each creating a fresh, delicate and balanced aesthetic. The soft contrast of its refined marbled structure gives a gentle feel which sets the stage for calm and soothing interiors. The softness of Fresco enables it to sit well next to all Marbled as well as Striato items.

Discover our Fresco floor coverings

Marmoleum Fresco 3860 tabletop picture


Real is our classic blend, consisting of many carefully selected individual color tones that combine to create beautifully graded colors, from warm neutrals and calm greys to exciting brights and fashion shades. Developed to create choice, Real can be mixed together or combined with other Marmoleum designs to provide more imaginative compositions.

Discover our Real floor coverings

Marmoleum Real 3032 tabletop picture


Marmoleum Splash is a new design in Forbo's Marmoleum portfolio. From a distance Splash appears light grey with a slight nuance in tone, yet from up close Splash is an overall light grey with hints of surprising colors peeking through. This modern and playful design is ideal for use on its own but can also act as a connector between the more classic marbled and uni-patterned visuals in the collection.

Discover our Splash floor coverings

Marmoleum Splash 3428 tabletop picture
Marmoleum Splash 3428 floor


Our most recently developed blend is Terra. A close, tight and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rock types. Terra combines a sophisticated small-scale marbled structure with great soil hiding properties. Terra offers an authentic color mix creating an effect that is very versatile and combines well with other items in the Marmoleum collection. Terra's good appearance retention makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas and provides a natural feel to any environment.

Discover our Terra floor coverings

Marmoleum Terra 5802 tabletop picture
Marmoleum Terra 5804 floor


Vivace is our liveliest and most outspoken blend made with six to eight colors. The differentiated elements combine to create a chameleon-like product that adapts well to a multitude of interiors, co-ordinating easily with many other surface finishes and colors. The high-contrast construction of Vivace makes it a smart choice in areas prone to soiling where the superior appearance retention of the product is valued.

Discover our Vivace floor coverings

Marmoleum Vivace 3420 tabletop picture



The blend of colors in the Marmoleum Marbled designs provide versatile floor designs - on their own or in combination with other surfaces. Click on the images below and get inspired by the design possibilities that Marmoleum Marbled offers.