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Eternal Palette has a fine glitter in the coloured wear-layer which offers a surprising effect with an eye for detail. The pallette is fresh and original, consisting of 24 colours both in soft tones and primary colours



Eternal Palette



Technical specifications

Document download center

Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for each of its products. The documents can be found by going to the product selection of your choice. You are then able to download the related documents. Download Center

You can also immediately download the Eternal technical specfications here.
Eternal General Purpose Technical Specifications

Eternal Technical Specifications

Sustainable and Durable

Committed to our environment

The Eternal general purpose vinyl collection is a prime example of Forbo’s commitment to protecting the environment and investing in a sustainable future. The Eternal collection is produced using “green” energy and modern production technology that reduces the processes involved to a minimum. Eternal conforms to all standards, including the new VOC emission classes. And Eternal is made in Europe for largely European markets, reducing transportrelated
carbon emissions. The easy cleaning, minimum demand for detergents and long lasting performance contribute to a better environment in many ways.

Compliance Plus
As a principle, Forbo works to “Compliance Plus” - a commitment set by our own standards and one that goes beyond government regulations and requirements – and we see investments in people, processes and products that further improve our environmental performance as investments for the future, not a cost of doing business. We use independent Life Cycle Assessments to constantly seek ways to measure and minimise the environmental impact of our products from raw material extraction to end of life.

Reducing cleaning & maintenance
Reducing cleaning is another element in sustainability and performance. The PUR Pearl finish makes the product easy to clean and its lasting performance means that Eternal will stay in prime condition, even under heavy traffic conditions. In addition, installing one of our entrance flooring
products will help cut dirt and moisture penetration by up to 90%.

Eternal Weave



Installation of a project vinyl floor
A high quality installation is of utmost importance for a trouble free and durable lifetime of the flooring material.

Sub floor preparation
The installation of a resilient Forbo floor starts with the sub floor, which must be dry, rigid and smooth. Forbo Europlan is a perfect levelling screed. Forbo Quickfit is a fast alternative sub floor system, especially in situations where sound reduction is required.

For more information about Forbo Flooring project vinyl installation download this document.
Project Vinyl Installation Manual

Project vinyl installation.

Forbo FloorCare method

Forbo FloorCare method

Forbo FloorCare method
The Forbo project vinyl collections are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their smooth and highly durable PUR coated surface.

See attached document about maintenance and floorcare.
Eternal Floorcare method

Floorcare method