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modular lines

This Marmoleum tile range consists of 15 linear designs ranked in hue and colour tone. Modular Lines is the flooring solution to create natural looking floors, nicely aligned or in herringbone, in uniform colours or in a subtle mix, with a hint of abstract woods.

The planks are available in 100x25 cm and 100x15 cm. The tile sizes are 50x50 cm and the 25x50 cm tile with a cross-grained line in a yellow tone creates a bamboo-like effect.



About Marmoleum Modular

Creative freedom with Marmoleum Modular tiles

Forbo Marmoleum Modular takes linoleum out of its traditional environment. The various designs & tile sizes offer endless design possibilities and invite you to play with colour, size and shapes. Marmoleum Modular is presented 5 subranges each with it's own characteristic design: Marble, Shade, Colour, Lines and the embossed Textura.

Discover the benefits of Marmoleum Modular:
• Marmoleum Modular is unique in that way that each shape and form is cut separately from the base material. Angles of the tiles are ‘undercut’ in order to provide a perfect joint that requires no welding and always provides for a seamless fit.

• The polyester backing makes this floor covering very dimensionally stable, even when installed in larger areas.

• New in Marmoleum Modular is Modular Textura: 8 linear floor designs in planks of 100x25 cm, embossed with 2 embossing textures. The embossing adds a great new dimension to our Modular tiles and gives a wood-like look you have never seen before in linoleum.

• Modular Marmoleum is treated with Topshield2, a two layer acrylic water based finish, that avoids scratching, staining and soiling, and takes care of easy cleaning and excellent appearance retention of the floor over time.

• With the Topshield2 finish the floor is ready for use right away after installation

• Marmoleum Modular is a sustainable alternative to all designer modular floors available in the market today.

Marmoleum Modular linoleum tiles

Grids & floorplans

Grids & floorplans

Creative freedom
Marmoleum Modular offers you the possibility to create the floor of your choice. The collection invites you to play with colour, size and shapes.

We have created a number of grids in which you can design your own floorplan. Also we have set up a number of floorplans that can be copied and ordered as they are. Go to our Grids & floorplans page

In our Forbo floorplanner, the grids can be coloured online and show you how your design transforms into real floors in real environments. The Forbo floorplanner website offers you plenty of opportunities to play around, combine and create great looking floors. Click here to visit our Floorplanner

Marmoleum Modular grids



Marmoleum Modular offers you an endless choice in shape, size and colour to choose from. In our brochure we show you various options and inspiration how to create the ultimate floor.
Marmoleum Modular Brochure

Or read the online Marmoleum Modular Magazine for even more inspiration.

Marmoleum Modular

Installation & Floorcare

Marmoleum floorcare

Technical information

Technical Specifications