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Les 51 superbes designs de la gamme Allura LVT tout-en-un sont disponibles dans 3 systèmes d'application différents: dos sec entièrement adhérent, pose libre et clic. Certains modèles sont également disponibles dans Puzzle et Ease.

Avoir un design dans plusieurs constructions signifie que quelles que soient les exigences de votre application, vous pouvez choisir un design qui peut être appliqué partout.

REMARQUE: Allura Flex 1.0 (5 mm) est en stock, tous les autres formats ne sont pas en stock et ont un délai de 6-8 semaines.


Allura all-in-one

    About Allura all-in-one

    About Allura all-in-one LVT

    Our Allura all-in-one range presents an overview of designs that are available in a Dryback, Flex and Click construction and in some cases also
    in Puzzle and Ease.

    Having one design in several constructions means there’s an Allura design to suit different subfloor requirements, installation time frames and budgets, without any compromise. This means you can choose one design for different areas for your application.
    Read more about the various Allura constructions

    Allura all-in-one luxury vinyl tiles

    Find your Allura solution

    Every project is different and has its own specific demands. This can be in relation to the subfloor, the volume of traffic that passes through, or the size of the project. Within our Allura LVT portfolio we offer solutions for all types of applications, like fully adhered vinyl tiles, tackifed loose lay tiles, click connected tiles and fully loose lay tiles. Click on the images above to see the options.

    How to specify your order?
    Each of our Allura LVT collections has a unique identification number that indicates the function of the product:
    ● DR7 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.70 mm
    ● DR5 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● DR4 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.40 mm
    ● FL1 - Allura Flex wear layer 1.0 mm
    ● FL5 - Allura Flex wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● CL5 - Allura Click Pro wear layer 0.55 mm
    ● EA7 - Allura Ease wear layer 0.70 mm
    ● PZ7 - Allura Puzzle wear layer 0.70 mm

    Each color has a colorway number, like 63496. Add the code above as a suffix behind the colorway number to specify your required format.

    Example: you want the grey waxed oak in Allura Flex with wearlayer thickness 0.55 mm: take the colorway number of grey waxed oak which is 63496, and add FL5 behind the number: 63496FL5.

    Allura 63420 burned oak | 63432 smoke cement

    Images & Video

    Allura Images & Video

    Allura all-in-one contains 51 designs that are available in a Dryback, Click and Flex construction. Open the image gallery below and get inspired by the possibilities that Allura luxury vinyl tiles offer.


    Allura technical specifications table

    Installation & Floorcare

    Allura click installation


    Allura all-in-one brochure