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wood decibel

Step safety vinyl is now featuring a solution for contact-acoustic reducing flooring requirements. Surestep Wood Decibel offers a 100% visual match to the same Surestep Wood safety vinyl, while realising a 17dB sound reduction. There are 3 wood designs incorporated in the collection, all available in 2 and 4 metres wide.

With the PUR Pearl protection finish, appearance retention is guaranteed for warranty lifetime and cleaning requirements are reduced even under high traffic conditions. Now sound reduction and slip resistance can be delivered by one range!


Surestep Wood Decibel

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Document download center
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for each of its products. The documents can be found by going to the product selection of your choice. You are then able to download the related documents. DOWNLOAD CENTER

You can also immediately download the Eternal Step, Eternal Step SR. & Eternal Step Aqua and Adhesive technical information here.


Eternal Step
Technical Data Sheet

Eternal Step SR
Technical Data Sheet

Eternal Step SR Aqua
Technical Data Sheet

Eternal Step Wood
Technical Data Sheet

US Commercial Warranty
CA Commercial Warranty (French)
CA Commercial Warranty

Step Safety vinyl TS cover



In order to get a perfect floor it is important to prepare and to pay attention to a proper installation of the floor covering. Forbo offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result. Key factors for successful installation of a floor are:

Jobsite Conditions
Areas to receive material should be clean, fully enclosed and weather tight with the permanent HVAC in operation. A minimum temperature 68º F (20º C) should be established at least seven days prior to beginning the installation, maintained during the installation, and for at least seven days following the installation. The installation should not begin until the work of all other trades has been completed, especially overhead trades. Any areas to receive material should be adequately lighted to allow for proper inspection of the substrate, installation, seaming and for final inspection.

Subfloor Preparation
The installation of a floor starts with the subfloor, which must be sound, smooth, flat, clean, and permanently dry. In order to ensure that the moisture condition of concrete substrates is within acceptable limits, it is critical that moisture testing be conducted on ALL concrete substrates, regardless of age or grade level, including those where resilient flooring has already been installed. Moisture testing should not be conducted unless a stable, conditioned environment as described under the Jobsite Conditions section has been established. The 3 moisture testes that Forbo recommends conducting are as follows: a Calcium Chloride (Moisture Vapor Emission) Test, a Relative Humidity Test, and a pH Test. Performing adhesive bond tests is also highly recommended. Bond testing will aid in identifying both the working characteristics of the adhesive (open time and working time) for the site conditions, and also any potential bonding problems.

Material Storage and Handling
Areas where materials are to be stored should be a stable, conditioned environment as described under the Jobsite Conditions section. All materials and adhesives should be acclimated to these conditions for at least 48 hours prior to the installation. Material should be delivered to the job site in original, unopened packaging, with all labels intact. All rolls should be stored standing upright, labels up, to ensure that the color, roll and batch numbers can be easily read.

Scribing and cutting
A good start makes all the difference: pay extra attention to the first sheet of floor covering! A set of professional installation tools contributes to a perfect result.

A perfectly installed floor requires perfect adhesion. Forbo recommends using our V 885 adhesive for Vinyl sheet installations. The flooring material must always be placed into wet adhesive and rolled immediately with a 100 pound roller. Check for adhesive transfer frequently. There must be a wet transfer of adhesive to the material backing in order to achieve a secure bond. Always carefully read and follow the instructions on the adhesive label regarding the use and application of the adhesive, and always review and follow safety and health warnings included on the label and MSDS. After installation, make sure that the room is ventilated, in order to allow the adhesive to dry. Heavy foot traffic and rolling loads are not recommended over a freshly installed floor, until the adhesive has set thoroughly, which in normal conditions takes about 72 hours.

The seams should be heat welded no sooner than the day following installation.

Installation Guide

Project vinyl installation.

Floor Care

Floor Care for Eternal Step Floors

Forbo FloorCare method
The Forbo project vinyl collections are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their smooth and highly durable PUR coated surface.

Read more in about maintenance & floorcare in Eternal Floorcare Guidelines

Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance Explained

A sustainable, lifetime performance as a result of particles throughout the matrix of the product is the requirement to comply with EN 13845. This standard specifies the requirements that must be met to ensure durable slip resistance in varying degrees of usage intensity. All Step floors comply with EN13845. Download the explanation page

Floors are often evaluated on slip resistance performance by using the R-scale, which is linked to the Din 51130 standard. Measuring slip resistance on a ramp covered with oil at different angles and thereby resulting in different classes of slip. Step safety flooring is covering the most relevant classes of R10 to R12, in a comprehensive range of products that are use in conditions where footwear is the standard.

For products used in barefoot areas, DIN51097 applies. The testing method is similar to that of the DIN 51130, but this time the product is flooded with ‘soap and water’ solutions, a testing method that is more relevant to the barefoot applications. The Step range also offers unique solutions up to the highest class in barefoot safety performance. By choosing the right Step floor for the right application one can prevent the potential for accidents caused
by slipping significantly.

Slip resistance explained


Safety. Design. Confidence

Our Step collection is unique in every way. It is a durable floor covering combining outstanding slip resistance (up to R12) with a wide range of design possibilities. The PUR Pearl surface provides superior, long-lasting appearance and performance.

The collection has been divided in three ranges; Surestep (R10), Safestep (R11, R12) and Wetroom

R10 slip resistance: all Surestep products, are non-slip particle enhanced and can be applied in all types of general walking areas, where an increased slip
risk may occur. Typical areas are high traffic areas, corridors, ramps, special areas such as coffee corners, washrooms, toilet, crafts class rooms and public rooms.

Safestep products are applicable in areas where a higher slip risk is identified because of incidental, acidental or continuous active contamination of the floor occurs. In these areas it is simply not possible to prevent spillage, due to the type of work environment. Typical areas are professional kitchens, light industrial food production, flourist shops, garden centres.

Wetroom flooring products are developed for use in continuously wet areas, where water flows frequently and barefoot traffic is the standard; or a combination of barefoot and footwear traffic occurs. Typical areas are; shower rooms, spa/pool surroundings, changing rooms, locker rooms.

Step collections

Sustainable and Durable

Sustainable safety vinyl

With the focus on LCA improvement, we keep on improving our sustainable performance for all our products. For Step safety vinyl we recycle our production waste internally. We have increased our recycled content in the backing layer; from 39% to 60%. And by using Step Crystals: a recycled by-product, we need lower energy to produce. For the product itself using Step Crystals result in clearer visual and less soiling which results in less water usage for cleaning in the use phase.

All other Forbo’s sustainable usp’s remain;
• Better for the Indoor air quality; AgBB compliant and TVOC<250 μg/m3
• Compliant + to the REACH substances list
• Produced with 100% green electricity
• Water based inks used in printed designs
• Low requirements for cleaning and maintenance, reduced water and detergent use
• Forbo Spray method suitable for all R10 products, 100% biodegradable, no chlorine, pH neutral
• a 100% recyclable product

Step Safety Vinyl

What to Use Where

What to Use Where

The Eternal Step safety flooring collection provides a complete range of floor covering that are designed to meet safety requirements in a wide range of applications.

Eternal Step & Eternal Step SR
Hydrotherapy rooms
Patient/physical therapy rooms
Indoor ramps
Surgery/scrub rooms
Commercial kitchens/food service areas
Locker rooms
Office/conference rooms
Deli/bakery areas
Eating areas
Frozen food/dairy sections
Warehouse/manufacturing areas
Small parts assembly areas
Research/production labs

Eternal Step Aqua
Locker rooms
Indoor ramps
Hydrotherapy rooms

Step wetroom


Read more about Step

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Step brochure cover

Wallbase & Install Accessories

Wallbase & Install Accessories

To view our wallbase colors and accessories please download brochure below.


EPDs and HPDs