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Keeping it Quiet: Acoustic Flooring Solutions

The acoustic comfort of those who inhabit multiple-occupancy buildings is paramount in their design. At Forbo we can offer a range of acoustic flooring solutions designed to reduce the impact of sound travelling from both adjoining spaces and from floor to floor.

Allura natural giant oak
Allura Wood white autumn oak

Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles

As the trend for bringing a natural look and feel into living spaces continues, wood and stone effect flooring delivers best aesthetic appeal. However options such as laminates and even the real thing itself do little to contribute to the acoustic performance of the space, and ultimately the comfort of building users. Our Allura Flex and Allura Click luxury vinyl tile collections are created to provide impact sound reduction of up to 15 dB without compromising on design choice.

- Beautiful wood, stone, metal and abstract designs offered across multiple tile and plank formats
- Embossed lacquering system ensures lasting appearance retention
- 100% dimensionally stable, avoiding gaps between tiles appearing over time
- Offers up to 15 dB impact sound reduction for quieter buildings
View the Allura Collections

Peninsula Building Modul'up

Modul'up Decibel

Modul'up sheet vinyl is a "lay flat, stay flat" floor covering solution that does not require any adhesive. Our high traffic Decibel acoustic version offers underfoot comfort and impact sound reduction of 19 dB.

- Ideal for communal areas where keeping noise to a minimum is desired
- No need for adhesive, so keeps downtime in busy areas to a minimum and can be waked on immediately
- No VOC emissions or lingering adhesive odours for a healthier indoor environment for occupants.

View the Modul'up collection

Flotex planks Seagrass 111001_111002_111004

Flotex Flocked Flooring

Looking immaculate whatever comes it's way, and designed to handle high traffic, Flotex flocked flooring offers up to 20 dB impact sound reduction. Offering all the comfort of a textile combined with the cleaning properties of a resilient flooring, Flotex is designed to handle heavy traffic and is ideal for use in communal areas such as dining rooms, gyms and socialising spaces.

- Slip resistant and offering up to 20 dB impact sound reduction
- Available in sheet, tile and plank formats for design freedom
- Allergy UK approved for healthier indoor living environments

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