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Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

At Forbo we understand that, away from the customers' eye, an efficient Back of House is what keeps all Leisure and Hospitality businesses running smoothly. Any "downtime" or disruptions can have a direct effect on service levels and, ultimately, the guest's experience. Our portfolio of flooring solutions for an array of BoH areas ensures both durability and performance to keep these all important functions running smoothly, and ensuring staff safety in the workplace.

Step safety vinyl
Safestep R12 175862 silver grey

Step Safety Vinyl

Under constant use, BoH areas are susceptible to splashes, spills and debris which can contaminate floor surfaces and increase the risk of slips and trips. Our Surestep and Safestep ranges deliver true Health and Safety Executive compliant solutions to ensure safe working conditions.

- All relevant slip ratings covered from R10 to R12
- Wet Pendulum test value ≥ 36 to ≥ 50 (slider 96 & slider 55)
- Meets the requirements of BS EN 13845 class Esf
- Slip resistant particles in the wear layer of ALL Forbo Step safety floors guarantee lifetime sustainable slip resistance
- Decibel options for areas where noise need to be kept to a minimum

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Modul'up Adhesive Free Flooring

Service corridors are the lifeline of BoH areas, and restricting access for flooring refurbishments will have a detrimental impact. Our Modul'up sheet vinyl can be fitted quickly and easily, even when the area is in use or overnight, and can be walked upon immediately after installation.

- Adhesive free thanks to our unique single sided tape system
- No setting or drying times
- Floor is ready for immediate use after installation
- Effortless removal at the end of its service life
- No odours permeating to visitor or guest areas
- Compact version for performance in areas subject to wheeled traffic.

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Modul'up 43C30761
Coral Classic 4758 olive

Coral and Nuway Entrance Flooring Systems

Service entrances are subject to a constant onslaught of foot and wheeled traffic as staff and deliveries come and go. Our Coral and Nuway entrance systems are tough and resilient, and can play a critical role in reducing the potential for slips and trips by preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked in.

- Coral textile solutions offer both sheet and tile formats
- Removes up to 95% of soil and moisture and reduces cleaning times for interior floor coverings by 65%*
- Nuway rigid systems for areas subject to heavy point loading and wheeled traffic
*Independent testing by Cleaning Research International

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