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Safe and Sound

When it comes to hopitals, it's not just the residents' feet you have to think about. Round the clock staff shifts and the constant flow of visitors mean entrance areas can take quite a pounding, and wet and dirty soiling can be trailed into the reception area and beyond. Not only can this damage interior floor coverings, it also creates unnecessary health and safety hazards.

Our Nuway and Coral entrance flooring can help keep cleaning and maintenance costs down while reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Nuway Connect Castle Quay


Protect People and Interiors

The safety needs of the infirm, elderly and those with impairments must be given a high priority. Floors must be kept clean, dry and safe and offer an appropriate slip resistance for pedestrians and good wheel grip for wheel chair users.

Nuway produces the most widely used rigid entrance matting in the UK.

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Keep the World Outside, Outside

By keeping 95% of dirt and moisture at the entrance using Coral, cleaning costs can be cut significantly, interior floors protected and the potential for slipping greatly reduced.

All our Coral ranges comply with the highest fire rating for a textile product, Bfl-s1 which can be important as many entrances have a dual function as emergency exits.

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Coral Welcome 3205
Surestep Wood grey seagrass 18562


Step safety flooring can be used in the entrance hallways to further reduce the risk of slip hazards. Our Surestep collection offers safety flooring in wood and stone effects to ensure a homely and welcoming impression is made at the entrance of your building.

Our Step Crystals give the vinyl guaranteed lifetime slip resistance and contribute to the clean, fresh designs and easier cleaning.

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For entrances that require a textile floor covering Flotex is extremely hard wearing and durable.

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Sarlon acoustic vinyl can be used in busy entrance hallways where noise from the foot traffic may affect both patients and staff.

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