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Saving Time and Money

Today's modern working environments with open plan areas are designed for flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes. Large scale interior schemes often require a number of flooring products with different performance requirements to work together to create an overall flow of design. A modular floor can be quickly adapted to new requirements thereby reducing the cost of reorganisation.

All of our modular format flooring increases the opportunity to rotate and renovate on a tight budget.

Tessera Contour, Allura Flex and Westbond
Coral Classic and Brush tiles

Coral Classic and Brush Tiles

All the benefits of Coral in a modular format

Both our Coral Classic and Coral Brush ranges are now available in tile format for increased flexibility. Research shows that Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt entering a building and reduce the cleaning costs by up to 65%. A Coral entrance system is an investment as it pays for itself within 6 months.
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Marmoleum Modular

Marmoleum Modular

Play with Marmoleum Modular

The Marmoleum Modular collection allows you to create unique and individual floor designs, subtle way finding floors and easily combine different tile shapes and colours. Marmoleum Modular has over 100 colours in various plank and tile sizes.

By using a tile format this means that damaged tiles can be replaced easily without the need of renovating the whole floor and the tiles can be rotated to extend the lifespan of the floor covering.

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Tessera InTouch Watercolor 3300 Fresco & 3301

Carpet Tiles


Our carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in every environment of a building. Where carpet tiles are installed telephone, electrical and other under floor systems remain easily accessible.

With our random lay carpet tiles the need for attic stock is eliminated as they do not need to be batch matched.

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Flotex Colour Penang

Flotex Tiles

High Tech Textile

Flotex tiles are adhered with tackifier making them ideal for offices where frequent layout changes are required. Tiles are the preferred format for offices due to the ease and speed of installation, storage and flexibility and use of raised access floors.

As the Flotex tile ranges are available in larger sizes up to 100cm x 100cm, it's a very flexible offering.

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Allura a63499 ochre + w60308 vintage oak


The Art of Flooring

Our Allura collection presents the ultimate in realistic natural and abstract designs that have been created with state of the art production techniques and processes to create the most realistic and natural looking luxury vinyl tiles.

Allura's modular format makes the product easier to handle, store and install.

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