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Floors that work together for all education buildings

There are over 30,000 educational establishments in the UK ranging from small local authority maintained primary schools to universities with estates that are almost the size of a small village – the diversity of educational facilities, their challenges and development needs, continues to evolve.

From entrance to exit, whether new build or refurbishment,
our integrated flooring portfolio specifically selected for
the Education sector can help you choose the right flooring
solutions for your project.

Archidea 56 - Johvi Highschool
Floor plan

Flooring solutions by area

Forbo can offer a wide range of floor coverings to suit all areas within education establishments, including entrances, classrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, toilets, drink points, kitchens, reception areas and more.

Download our School's floor plan guide to see which products we recommend for each area of your school.

Download our University floor plan guide to see which products we recommend for each area of your project.



Fast Fit is Forbo’s collection of genuinely loose lay products, including entrance products and interior flooring ranges in sheet, tile and plank format for maximum flexibility.

All Forbo Fast Fit interior products are ideal for refurbishment projects, especially where the speed of installation and minimum disruption is crucial.

• Minimised downtime in 24-hour environments (such as call centres)
• The modular Fast Fit products give easy access to subfloor services
• Ideal for use in temporary pop up installations or as a portable floor
• Fast Fit products are available in natural wood and stone effects along with bright colour pops for high design floors
• Reduced level of disruption and contamination during installation
• None of the constraints associated with adhesives such as drying time and lingering odours improving the well-being of staff

More information Fastfit

Tessera carpet tiles

Tessera carpet tiles

Tessera carpet tiles and planks offer various pile constructions and textures in a modular format to create a versatile aesthetic and performance benefit to commercial office interiors.

The NEW Tessera Chroma carpet tile range is the latest addition to our textile collection, featuring a range of 27 carefully curated colourways for a softer and 'chalky' feel for the interior

Explore our full carpet tile collection
Tessera carpet tiles are suitable for raised access floors.



The Forbo acoustic project vinyl collection is the result of more than 30 years of acoustic experience and specific industry knowledge which enables us to deliver the ‘best in class’ acoustic vinyl flooring for every application. Each product range in the Sarlon collection offers truly unique solutions combining high acoustic performance with optimal resistance to indentation.

Flotex - informacja prasowa

Flotex flocked flooring

There's a wide range of commercial office-friendly designs in the Flotex flocked flooring collection, including sheet, tile & plank formats that lend themselves well to contemporary or classic environments.

Flotex is the first textile floor covering to receive the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ as it can improve indoor air quality for employees. It is also a truly washable textile, making it extremely quick & easy to clean.

Whether you're looking for a custom colour, a completely bespoke design or tiles & planks from stock, you can achieve it with Flotex.
Explore our Flotex collection What is Flotex?
Flotex flocked flooring planks & tiles are suitable for raised access floors.

Nuway Grid Wellington Academy

Entrance Flooring

Entrance flooring has a critical safety role to play. It helps to reduce slips and trips as well as protecting interior floor coverings, prolonging their life cycle and saving end users both time and money. Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building and reduces cleaning time by up to 65%.

An installation of Coral can pay for itself within 6 months. Coral is available in sheet, tile and click formats for easy installation.
Explore Coral Entrance Matting Explore Nuway Entrance Systems
Coral Tiles and Coral Click are suitable for raised access floors.


Safety Vinyl Flooring

Responsible for many accidents that lead to injury, slips and trips, floors have a lot to answer for. By choosing a genuine HSE compliant Forbo safety floor the number of accidents caused by slipping can be reduced significantly. Our Step safety vinyl floor coverings have guaranteed life time slip resistant performance and offer safety solutions for a wide range of applications. Varying from R10 slip resistance (Surestep & Solidstep) to R11 and R12 (Safestep) for areas where higher slip risk is identified, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
View our Safety Vinyl collection


Modul'Up Adhesive Free Vinyl Flooring

Our award winning Modul’up adhesive free vinyl sheet collection is a ground breaking new floor covering. Heralding a technological innovation as a “lay flat, stay flat” solution that does not require any adhesive, Modul’up will not ruck, move or roll once installed. Free of the usual constraints associated with using adhesives, such as setting, drying, VOC emissions and adhesive odours, Modul’up can be walked on immediately after installation, significantly reducing downtime.
Explore Modul'up Adhesive Free Vinyl

Curtin University

Marmoleum Linoleum Flooring

Our linoleum floor covering, Marmoleum is made from up to 98% natural raw materials. Containing linseed oil, wood flour, rosin and jute, Marmoleum is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly products on the market and is available in three core design collections, Solid, Marbled and Linear. Each offering a unique aesthetic in a variety of textures and a colour palette ranging from vibrant hues to subtle tone-on-tone shades.

Marmoleum Modular presents sustainable linoleum tiles in various sizes and designs, enabling you to create stunning floor plans. Planks and tiles with visuals of wood, concrete, stone and marble that can be mixed and matched to deliver a beautiful and long-lasting floor.
Explore our full linoleum collection
Marmoleum can be supplied in pre-cut 61x61cm slabs to be applied to raised access floor panels. Minimum order quantities and lead times apply.

Request product sample folders by filling out the form in this link: Request product folders here