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Meeting and dining

Dining areas are used and abused daily. Walkways and designated areas can be created using colour and/or a mixture of product types.

Forbo understand that the products used in dining areas should have:
• Good slip resistance to avoid slips and trips
• Durability to cope with the hundreds of pupils, staff and visitors
• Excellent acoustic properties to reduce and contain the noise where possible
• Flooring that cleans up as good as new and is hygienic

Flotex flocked flooring - Education


With impact sound reduction of 20dB, students can enjoy their lunch times in a calming yet colourful environment whilst Flotex’s cleaning properties make upkeep and maintenance easy.

With a 10 year guarantee and designed to handle high traffic, Flotex is well suited to areas where durability and cleanability are essential. It is exceptionally quick and easy to clean so there’s no need to decide between functionality or style, why not have both with Flotex? You’ll be thanking your lucky stars you chose it!

Flotex ranges Watch a Flotex cleaning demo


Marmoleum is sustainable, practical, hard wearing as well as colourful and fun.

The Topshield2, water based finish has superior scuff and scratch resistance preventing dirt and dust from penetrating Marmoleum, making it reassuringly easy to keep clean.

View our Marmoleum collection

Marmoleum Walton 3359 restaurant
Allura a63499 ochre + w60308 vintage oak

Allura LVT

There is no other LVT in the market today that can match Allura in terms of design, technology and sustainability. Allura uses advanced production technology to ensure maximum dimensional stability so that the appearance of the floor remains as good as
the day it was installed with no unsightly gaps. Take a look and see for yourself what Allura has to offer your facility.

view our Allura collection

General purpose, Acoustic & Safety vinyls

Forbo offer a full portfolio of products suitable for use in general circulation areas & dining spaces within educational establishments.

Ideal for areas which are subject to heavy footfall and wheeled traffic we have a range of vinyl products to meet your needs.

Our complete vinyl portfolio offers flooring solutions that includes general purpose, slip resistant and acoustic vinyls,ensuring a great choice of colour and design, together with optimal clean-ability.

Eternal general purpose
Step safety vinyl
Sphera Homogeneous vinyl
Sarlon acoustic vinyl

Eternal 10982 original patchwood