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Technical Talk

In this issue of Cutting Edge Garry Bateman, Forbo Head of Technical Sales, takes a closer look at the new Fast Fit collection and responds to contractors’ concerns about the use of truly adhesive-free products.


Which specific products are in Forbo’s new Fast Fit collection?

The products available within the Fast Fit
collections include:
• Coral Click
• Modul’up compact + 19 dB
• Modul’up T.E.
• Allura Click
• Allura Puzzle
• Allura Colour Plus
• Colorex EC Plus
• Colorex Basic Plus
• Colorex R11
To see details of each of the products, please visit here

What is it about all of these products that allows them to be installed without adhesive?

These tile and sheet products have been specifically developed and engineered to provide robust hard wearing flooring options suitable for all types of commercial areas. The loose-lay sheet products have integral glass fibre reinforcement to provide in-use dimensional stability and the tiles are manufactured with market leading innovative secure interlocking systems to ensure a trouble-free installation and peace of mind during use.

Coral Click 7834 (12mm) or 7884 (17mm)

Is Fast Fit truly adhesive free? Is there really no need for tackifier?

Yes… and yes! There really is no need for any type of adhesive for any of the Fast Fit products. This is good news as it is in the area of adhesive application that most installation issues tend to occur. When the time comes to replace a Fast Fit floor, there’s no adhesion or residue to worry about and the sub floor is left clean and sound for repeat installation.

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