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Sports Facilities

Entrance flooring

Coral Grip HD is perfect for areas leading to and from indoor and outdoor sport environments where sports players and users might carry excess dirt and grit at the bottom of their trainers or boots. Coral Grip HD provides excellent non-slip properties with the durability of the heaviest commercial uses.

  • Entrance flooring
  • Entrance flooring
  • Coral Grip HD 6128
    Coral Grip HD

    Coral Grip HD

    Coral Grip HD is available in approx.10 metre rolls in 2 different widths and 1 size of mat (dimensions listed below).

    The robust and ultimate dirt and grit remover. Coral Grip HD is a versatile, nonwoven clean off barrier mat for outdoor and indoor use that is ideal for areas leading to and from sports or leisure environments. Coral Grip HD’s patented, embossed design and durable, pliable filaments ensure a highly effective dirt-scraping action which is perfect for areas susceptible to footfall containing enhanced levels of dirt and moisture.

About Coral

Stop dirt in its tracks

We have been the world leader in textile entrance flooring for over 50 years, so there is nothing we don’t know about keeping dirt and moisture out of your building. First impressions count. When people enter your building they should like what they see. But you also have the practical pressure of keeping your building floors clean and your visitors safe. Our Coral entrance flooring systems do all this, and more.

Our Coral collection consists of many different collections, each with its own focus area, like dirt-removal or moisture absorption. In addition to functionality, you can also choose different installation options: sheet, tiles and mats.
Whatever collection you choose, you know you have the best quality with the best functionality.

A well-designed and innovative entrance flooring system can:
• reduce the risk of slip injuries
• prolong the life of the interior floor finish
• reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance
• make the entrance look good and inviting
• contribute to an environmentally friendly building through the use of Econyl® 100% regenerated yarns.

Coral is designed with a unique combination of yarns that contribute to scraping off dirt and retaining moisture.

By achieving this, Coral products are able to keep to the 4R principle:

1. Removes soiling
2. Retains soiling
3. Releases soiling
4. Recovers as new after cleaning

Testing by Cleaning Research International shows that by stopping up to 95% of walked-in moisture and dirt, Coral will reduce the time spent cleaning your interior floor coverings by up to 65%.

The savings made in the first 6 months of use mean product and fitting costs will be recouped within these 6 months!

Coral Grip HD

Technical & Environmental

Technical & Environmental

You can download the following Coral documents here:

Forbo Coral technical specification
Forbo Coral Grip HD Environmental Datasheet

Fire Class
All vinyl-backed Coral entrance floors comply with fire class Bfl-s1. This is vital, because every entrance and exit is a fire exit too.

Document download centre
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link Download Center

Coral technical specifications are also available on our download centre

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Coral installation & floorcare

Architects and interior designers spend a lot of time and money on the visual appearance of a building. It is often forgotten that this design can only be retained when the floor stays clean and undamaged. The Coral collections are designed with our own yarn system that helps scrape dirt and absorb moisture, keeping the entrance floor looking good even after years of use.

Here you can download the cleaning & maintenance advice and the installation manual.
Coral cleaning & maintenance instructions
Coral sheet, tiles & planks installation instructions
Coral tiles installation instructions
Coral loose lay tiles installation instructions

Coral cleaning & maintenance

Images & Video

Coral Images & Video

Please click on any image below to open our Coral image gallery.

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