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This dryback 0.70 LVT range contains 7 innovative and unique floor items. The designs, colours and photography are created to inspire designers, interior architects and other customers who appreciate design and are open for innovative, non-conventional flooring products.


Allura Fusion

Technical & Environmental

Allura Fusion roomshot

Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

LVT Installation

Creating Better Environments

A sustainable alternative in LVT

All Allura LVT ranges are created with the highest environmental standards in mind.

Green electricity
Forbo’s manufacturing plant in Europe secures a high quality LVT which is manufactured using green electricity and minimum waste streams that are all recycled back into the product.

Reduce transport
By manufacturing close to our customer we reduce the burden of transport, and we are able to control stocks in such a way that material is available when required and does not become obsolete.

Phthalate free
All Allura luxury vinyl tiles are 100% phthalate free.

Recycled content
Forbo Allura contains 20% recycled content in the backing.

For more information about how we Create Better Environments click here

Reduced cutting waste
Allura planks and tiles are cut by an automated ultrasonic cutter that cuts the tiles without creating any space and waste material between the cuts of individual items. The cutting operation is fed from a continuous sheet, which means that waste is kept to an absolute minimum and only occurs at the two sides of the 4m wide sheet.

Carefully selected raw materials
Allura is produced with carefully selected raw materials that are checked for consistency and quality. Layers of the product are created in our own factory and no pre-engineered layers of filler or coatings are used. This means that no raw material is being spilled in the production process.

Allura Fusion roomshot

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