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Colorex EC is an electrostatic conductive flooring tile with permanent ESD properties throughout it's life, regardless the humidity level of the area. Because of the dense of network of conductive veins, static charges flow easily through the floor to earth.

Colorex EC can withstand and control most demanding conditions and offers a suitable solution for highly sensitive areas such as cleanrooms and for demanding production sites in the electronics, life sciences and manufacturing industry.

Colorex Signal glow (EC 250299) offers a luminous effect in the dark, ideal for markings on the floor such as emergency exists or escape routes. The human eye is most sensitive to green light, which appears brighter, which is why Colorex Signal glow lights up green in the dark.


Colorex EC

    About Colorex EC

    About Colorex EC

    Colorex EC is an electrostatic conductive floor covering in tile format with permanent ESD properties, regardless the humidity level of the area.

    Reducing the generation of electrostatic charges is the main purpose of control measures in ESD protected areas (EPA). In such areas like electronics assembly, life sciences and data centres the right floor covering plays a crucial role. It does not only drain electrostatic charges from personnel and equipment, but it also reduces the generation of charges there where they occur, at the interface between the shoe soles and the floor.

    Colorex EC
    With Colorex EC, static charges flow easily through the dense network of tiny conductive veins that run through the whole thickness of the tile. The charge is transmitted via the conductive adhesive and securely discharged to earth via the copper strip. It’s a completely natural system that needs no volatile chemical anti-static additives to aid conductivity. The conductivity is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity

    Permanently conductive

    Permanently conductive floor, connection between tiles through conductive adhesive and connected to earth through copper strip. Compliant to IEC 61340-4-5 with appropriate ESD shoes

    Application areas:
    ESD facilities, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites (electronics, manufacturing, life sciences) and operating theatres. Colorex EC satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behaviour, helping to reduce any threat of contamination.

    Colorex SD 150204 montblanc

    Glued construction

    Colorex glued construction

    The Colorex collection can be used in many different application areas, because of the different systems and the different levels of conductivity that are offered.

    One of the options is to glue Colorex during the installation:
    1. directly adhering it to a subfloor
    2. bonding it to a raised access floor panel.

    When conductive or dissipative properties are required, the connection between the tiles is assured by the conductive adhesive between the tiles and by the copper strip to the earthing point. If Colorex is installed using this process, the static charges are drained to earth via the earthing point.

    The Colorex system that can be glued is available in 2 different tile products with ESD properties:
    Colorex SD - static dissipative tiles of 61,5 x 61,5 cm
    Colorex EC - electrostatic conductive tiles of 61,5 x 61,5 cm

    Colorex glued construction


    Colorex EC image gallery

    Technical specifications

    Colorex technical specifications table



    Colorex floorcare

    Colorex tiles offer you high mechanical and wear resistance with no need for coatings or surface treatments. The tiles can be 100% repaired and restored, for example:
    - Burns can be fully removed
    - Damage can be seamless repaired
    - Suborns stains like iodine can be fully removed
    - Heavy soiling can by fully cleaned

    Download here the Colorex floorcare instructions:
    Colorex cleaning & maintenance Instructions

    Colorex seamless repair