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traffic textile

Novilux Traffic Textile is a modern cushion vinyl floor covering that combines the visual softness of textile and the durability and superior cleaning properties of Novilux.

All Novilux floors guarantee simple, fast and effcient laying thanks to the fact they are available in widths of up to 4 metres.


About Novilux

Novilux cushion vinyl sheet

Forbo Novilux floors are the most high end cushion vinyl floors designed to fulfill your toughest needs. They are very suitable for small business such as shops and offices.

Natural look
Thanks to the unique pattern repeat of 150 cm and the outstanding quality of print, Novilux guarantees a natural surface look. The innovative surface embossing gives the floor an authentic finish, bringing to life the beauty of wood and stone.

Hygienic flooring
Available in widths of up to 4 metres, Novilux provides a seamless surface finish in even larger installation areas. If required, an invisible, permanent seal can be achieved with cold weld, in addition to a traditional thermal welding with welding seams available in matching colours.

Acoustic flooring
Novilux, with its LDF-foam backing, delivers an impact sound reduction of up to 17dB, helping to keep noise pollution in any setting to a minimum.

Slip resistant flooring
In addition, Forbo’s special Aquagrip surface finish provides R10 slip resistance, providing peace of mind about safety underfoot in areas where spills and splashes may occur.

Quick and easy Installation
Key to a successful floor covering is a quick and easy installation. All Novilux floors guarantee simple, fast and efficient installation as they are available in widths of up to 4 metres. For residential applications, areas up to 20 m² can also be loose laid.

Excellent quality
Warmer than stone, more easily maintained than wood – Novilux floor coverings fulfill the highest quality demands. Every layer of Novilux provides added values such as impact sound reduction, excellent comfort and high durability.

Comfortable, resilient and low-maintenance – Novilux floors provide the basis of beautiful rooms, in which you love to work and live, all backed up with a 10 year commercial application guarantee.

Novilux cushion vinyl floors



Aquagrip is our unique safety feature on our cushion vinyl floors. It ensures that the level of grip is not significantly reduced by spills or splashes of water or any other liquid. As such Aquagrip offers peace of mind about safety underfoot in any situation, particularly where heavy pedestrian footfall is expected.

Aquagrip safety flooring


LDF Foam carrier

The special LDF foam carrier, in combination with the open pore construction, ensures that Novilux floors remain flexible while still providing excellent indentation resistance. Ideal for areas subjected to heavy traffic or where furniture may be moved around regularly.


Diamond Seal

Diamond Seal

Durable, scratch-resistant and long lasting Diamond Seal XS provides effective protection of your Novilux floor covering. In addition, the Noviclean top layer treatment aides easy cleaning and maintenance by preventing dirt and scuff marks, keeping it looking good for longer.

Diamond Seal


Installing Novilux

Available in 2 & 4 m widths, Novilux floor coverings guarantee an easy, quick and economical installation, ensuring a beautiful seamless appearance even in the largest of installations.

The usual requirements for a subfloor are valid. It must be level, sound, rigid, clean and permanently dry. The subfloor most likely first needs to be evened out before installation of your Novilux floor.

Forbo Flooring has 2 systems for this purpose:
• The Forbo Quickfit system both for wooden and concrete subfloors
• A liquid levelling agent for use on stone type subfloors, which is perfectly even when dry.

For domestic use Novilux can be loose-laid in an area of up to 20 square metres. All Novilux ranges come in 2 and 4 metre, which makes installation quicker and with less seams. Please ensure your Novilux floor is installed in a professional way, following the instructions that come with a product of this nature.

Installation materials
Apart from the actual installation of the floor covering, the installation work involves a wide variety of other products, such as fillers, insulating materials and adhesives. You should always give due consideration to the suitability of these products and the manufacturer's instructions.

Visible defects
Before installing the material, you should check the floorcovering for any defects, colour variations, variations in thickness and optical defects. The manufacturer will not be held liable for defects that were visible before the floorcovering was installed.

Installation of more than one sheet
When installing several sheets in a room, only material from the same production run should be used. You should always mention this when ordering. However, slight differences in colour are also possible within the same production run. In order to avoid any slight differences in colour, the roll numbers of adjacent sheets should be as close as possible to each other. In case of Novilux Traffic and Compacta, adjacent sheets should be reverse laid. With Novilux Natura, Novilux Traffic Wood and Traffic Rock this is not necessary.

Novilux installation

Sound reduction

17dB Sound reduction

Offering up to 17dB sound impact reduction, Novilux floor coverings give a quieter environment both inside the room while reducing sound transfer to any rooms below, coupled with better underfoot comfort.



Creating better environments

Our Novilux floorcoverings are a prime example of Forbo’s commitment to protecting the environment and investing in a sustainable future. Novilux is produced using “green” energy and modern production technology that reduces the processes involved to a minimum. It conforms to all standards, including the new VOC emission classes. We produce Novilux in Europe largely for the European market, reducing transportrelated carbon emissions.

Creating better environments