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domestic click

Next to our Allura Domestic LVT glue down collection, we offer Allura Domestic Click, which can be quick and easily installed thanks to the proven and patented click system.

Each plank and tile has a natural and mat embossing which provides an authentic stone or wood look. And because of the 0.4 wearlayer, the floor is suitable for every space in the house.

Allura Click LVT is available in tiles of 60x31,7 cm and planks of 121,2x18,7 cm & 150,5x23,7 cm.


Allura Domestic Click

    About Allura Click

    Allura Click Luxury Vinyl tiles

    Combine the comfort of LVT with the ease of installation of a Click floor. The new Forbo Allura Click LVT collection consists of 38 elegant designs in wood and stone decors. Realistic plank sizes, natural embossing and true tone colours make each item unique.

    The Click planks and tiles can be quick and easily installed thanks to our proven and patented click system. Protected by our exclusive lacquering system it will stand the test of time.

    Allura Click is produced in Europe and includes Forbo’s unique glass fleece construction for dimensional stability. The click system can be angled down, creating a perfect floor installation.

    Forbo always emphasizes a proper subfloor preparation as a guarantee that the tiles can be installed without any requirement for flooring adhesives, resulting in a beautifully finished and functioning floor solution.

    Next to Allura Domestic Click, we offer a fully adhered Allura Domestic version.

    Allura Click cc60284

    Allura & the environment

    A sustainable alternative in LVT

    The Allura Domestic LVT collection is a good example of Forbo’s commitment to protecting the environment and investing in a sustainable future.

    Forbo Allura Domestic is produced using “green” energy and modern production technology that reduces the processes involved to a minimum. It conforms to all standards, including the new VOC emission classes.

    We produce Allura in Europe largely for the European market, reducing transport related carbon emissions.

    Allura luxury vinyl tiles are 100% phthalate free and contain over 20% recycled content in the backing.

    Allura, the sustainable alternative in LVT

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Allura LVT floorcare