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ibond reds

Westbond Ibond fusion bonded carpet tiles offer the freedom to create truly individual floors. If you can’t find the perfect shade in our Reds selection, simply create your own personal colour. We can colour match to almost anything, from as little as 1m².

Westbond Ibond carpet tiles are available in 3 beautiful, high performance qualities:
• Nylon (950g/m²)
• Wool (1500g/m²)
• Wool deluxe (2400g/m²)


Westbond Ibond Reds

About Westbond

Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles

The Westbond carpet tile range is synonymous with total flexibility and sophistication. Blending yarns to order and manufacturing premium quality fusion bonded tiles in an almost infinite number of colourways, with no minimum order quantity, Westbond allows customers to take control of the process of designing luxurious, bespoke carpet tiles with exceptionally heavy pile weights for the most prestigious installations.


Westbond construction

Fusion bonded

Fusion bonding is a sophisticated method of carpet tile manufacture where individual yarn pile is bonded onto the backing material to make an extremely dense and luxurious carpet tile.

Each tuft is individual and a high proportion of the yarn is in the wear surface providing a beautiful, rich velour carpet tile which gives an excellent broadloom appearance. All of our Westbond carpet tiles are made in this specialised way.

Fusion bonded

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Other documentation about Westbond and Forbo's other collections can be found in the Download center

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Forbo Floorcare method

Care and maintenance of carpet tiles is essential for their longevity and appearance. Soiling and general wear adversely affect the appearance and should be countered by an effective cleaning programme. Regular cleaning will minimise the need for major restorative maintenance. We advise to install an effective entrance barrier matting at every exterior entrance. Avoid excessive use of cleaning products. If used, they should be rinsed out thoroughly, as the residue may attract dirt.
Download here the complete intructions Westbond cleaning & maintenance

EPD & Labels

100% transparency in the EPD

To prove the eco-friendliness of our carpet tile products, Forbo uses several assessments. The first is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique resulting in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This declaration, which is transparent and third-party verified, is based on a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, to ultimate disposal or recycling.

This technique takes all the following aspects into account: environmental impact of raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation.

Watch the EPDs of our Carpet Tile products

GUT Label
Forbo Flooring carpet tiles have received the GUT label. This means all Tessera and Wesbond ranges have passed the latest and severe testing on chemicals and emissions to ensure consumers safety.

Download more information about the GUT label

Watch the GUT certificates of our Carpet Tile products

Environmental Product Declaration


Westbond brochure

To read more about Westbond carpet tiles you can download the brochure here Westbond brochure

Westbond Brochure Cover EN