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A sustainable assortment

Three product categories to choose from

Thanks to our commitment to sustainability, the Forbo Flooring Systems' product portfolio has some truly unique sustainable solutions.

1. Marmoleum floor coverings are carbon neutral when they leave our factory, without offsetting.

2. Our vinyl floors are truly safe to use and offer great adhesive free options, ready for the circular economy.

3. Our textile floors have a high percentage of recycled content, especially our carpet tiles that achieve at least a recycled content of 56% by weight. In addition, our Coral entrance systems are made with Econyl yarns derived from abandoned fishing nets.

Learn more about our product portfolio by clicking on the links below.

Vinyl flooring

Linoleum - the biobased floor

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The weighted average of our 2.5 mm Marmoleum range is carbon neutral (cradle to gate) without offsetting. It combines ecological values with contemporary design and offers an important contribution to a sustainable world.

Vinyl - circular ready flooring

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Vinyl floors are part of a versatile and increasingly adhesive-free range of products that have made great strides in terms of their technical and sustainable properties. Increased recycled content, improved lacquers and dyes, reduced product emissions (to near zero) and the elimination of harmful substances have been key steps towards circular ready sustainable flooring.

Textile - the recycling hero

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On average, we can claim the highest percentage of recycled content by weight in the industry for our textiles, up to as high as 56%. For our Coral textile barrier matting solutions we use Econyl yarns which are sourced from waste fishing nets rescued from the oceans. The yarns are made from 100% regenerated material.

Our floor coverings

meet the building requirements

All our flooring products comply with emission guidelines according to AgBB and M1 standards. We have also certified some of them according to FloorScore. When it comes to building rating systems, most products achieve A or A+ ratings in BREEAM. In LEED, most products directly or indirectly contribute to the following categories and credits:

• Materials and resources building product disclosure and optimisation → EPD up to 2 points

• Building product disclosure and optimisation → sourcing of raw materials up to 1 point

• Construction and demolition waste management → up to 2 points

• Indoor environmental quality → low emitting materials up to 3 points

• Acoustic performance → up to 1 point

Sustainability logos

Dynamics of a building

An inspiring approach for any interior design

The Forbo Flooring international design team uses a global colour card with which all our collections can be related. The global colour card is based on international trends and on the various dynamics taking place in a building. The colour card enables our design team to create a complete product portfolio that connects seamlessly.

The dynamics of a building is a concept that is based on 5 situations in a building, no matter the segment. By this uniform approach a building plan can be developed with the function in mind. The 5 dynamics are Receiving, Moving, Connecting, Concentrating and Recharging.

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Dynamics of building

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because we see multiple challenges in the building industry

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