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forte graphic rice

The textile look and fine printed nuances of Forte Graphic Rice create and a suited range of colouring blend harmoniously and inadvertently into any interior-design scheme.

Needlefelt carpet often provides a cost-efficient alternative to conventional broadloom carpeting in heavily-used areas that require a practical and durable textile type floor covering. Forbo uses high quality polyamide fibres and a full latex impregnation for all its needlefelt carpets.


Forte Graphic Rice

About Needlefelt

Hard wearing performance

The high quality of Forbo needlefelt flooring stems from over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of this hard-wearing flooring. We work only with high-quality fibres designed to provide extra protection from dirt and soiling, which simplifies the task of day-to-day cleaning.

Extremely robust
All of our Needlefelt floors offer the maximum, hard-wearing performance that comes with being classed as extremely robust (Class 33) in accordance with EN 1470. Forbo needlefelt carries the GUT seal of approval issued by the German Carpet Research Institute for “contaminant-tested textile floor coverings”.

High-quality fibres
We use high quality polyamide fibres and a full latex impregnation for all our needlefelt carpets. These fibres are designed to provide extra protection from dirt and soiling. This simplifies the task of day-to-day cleaning, whilst helping to maintain the right “cared-for” appearance.

Noise reduction
Forbo Needlefelt measures pedestrian-noise levels of between 20dB and 22dB which mean reduced ambient noise, making it ideal for use in places which require a tranquil atmosphere and a minimum of noise distraction, such as offices.

Castor chair resistance
Needlefelt flooring is also ideal, much more so than conventional carpeting, for laying in places where castor chairs are used.

Suitable for underfloor heating
Needlefelt carpet is highly suitable for use in rooms with underfloor heating, thanks to it's excellent heat-penetration properties.

Hard-wearing needlefelt flooring

3 design qualities

Forte | Markant | Akzent | Showtime

The Forbo Needlefelt range is available in 3 qualities designed to meet different requirements: 750 g/m2 fibre weight (Forte & Showtime), 600 g/m2 (Markant) and 500 g/m2 (Akzent).

With Showtime we offer a new and flexible flooring concept which presents exciting printed designs and uni colours with the possibility to recolour your chosen design.


Needlefelt brochure

Would you like to read more about Needlefelt, please download our Needlefelt Brochure

Needlefelt brochure

Technical specifications

Needlefelt Technical Specifications


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